Call for participation - Digital Youth Month 2022

Press release - For the third edition of the Digital Youth Month, the Digital Spring is joining forces with partner organizations that have digital literacy issues at heart in Quebec (such as École branchée). The call is now open for organizations wishing to include an activity or a resource in the official programming.

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Press release - For the third edition of the Digital Youth Month (MNJ), the Digital Spring is joining forces with partner organizations that are committed to digital literacy issues in Quebec.

École branchée and EngagED LearningCommunityToboNetwork of Carrefours jeunesse-emploi du Québec and the Quebec Civilization Museum join the collective movement to invite institutions, schools, organizations and companies to become collaborators and to present one or more activities.

The MNJ is an annual meeting that takes place throughout the month of February and the school break week. The objective is to make the possibilities of digital technology known to young people and their communities. It is also an opportunity to introduce them to Quebec initiatives in digital literacy and the careers of tomorrow.

For this new edition, a programming platform will be launched with a host of activities and resources.

In 2022, the main theme that will be highlighted will be "transparency", one of the challenges of Citizen's Charter in the digital age, developed in collaboration with the Commission for Ethics in Science and Technology.

All users should be able to access understandable information regarding the processing, dissemination and storage of their data.

The deadline to become a collaborator is January 10, 2022.

Participation objectives and benefits:

  • Present and publicize your activities mobilizing the participation of young people and their communities throughout Quebec;
  • Take part in a Quebec-wide community of practice in digital literacy;
  • On the occasion of Digital Youth Month, offer an activity that contributes to inclusion, equal opportunities and the development of digital and critical skills of young citizens.

Eligibility criteria :

  • Work, among other things, with a youth clientele;
  • Represent an institution, a school community, an organization or a company established in Quebec;
  • Offer an activity or a resource allowing the development of digital skills of young people (see some examples below);
  • Be part of the values and challenges of the Citizenship Charter in the digital age.

Who is the Digital Youth Month for?

  • All young people under 35 who wish to explore the possibilities of digital technology, develop their technical skills and knowledge;
  • Young people targeted by age group:
    - Children (12 and under);
    - Adolescents (13-17 years old);
    - Young adults (18 years and over);
  • Girls;
  • Young people from indigenous communities;
  • Young people in schools (from primary to higher education);
  • Families and the general public.

What types of activities and resources can be presented?

  • Workshops and trainings 
  • Conferences 
  • Découverte 
  • Exhibitions 
  • Shows
  • Video games
  • Hackathon 
  • Careers 
  • Digital resources for attention
    young people 
  • Digital resources for stakeholders and the general public

Examples of activities:

  • PLAY ON NETWORK AI! through Growing Up Without Borders : Workshop for primary and secondary students aimed at helping them understand how programming and training an artificial intelligence influences its performance and what the risks are.
  • Indigenous FabLab speak First Peoples Innovation Center : Open space where one has a panoply of computer-controlled machine tools as well as traditional native tools to design various projects.
  • Technovation by Technovation Montreal: international competition for the creation of mobile applications which aims to develop skills in technology and entrepreneurship in young girls aged 10 to 18.

Examples of digital resources:

  • Kat'Ia through CScience : videos and digital educational kits on new technologies and artificial intelligence, alongside Kat'IA and Algo.
  • speak STORY : a resource platform and a space for reflection on citizenship in the digital age.

Dates to remember:

  • From mid-December until the end of the spring break in March: dissemination of activities on the programming platform;
  • Monday January 10, 2022: deadline for completing the participation form;
  • The week following the submission of your form: confirmation of receipt and selection of the participation form;
  • Tuesday February 1, 2022: official launch of the Digital Youth Month;
  • Throughout the MNJ and spring break: carrying out activities (in the case of a year-round program, the activity must take place at least in part within the framework of the MNJ).

Following their registration, employees will receive an information kit to support them in the dissemination of their activities within the framework of the event.

For any questions, join Leticia Lacroix, digital literacy project coordinator,

For its organization, the Digital Spring relies on the 2022 Digital Youth Month Committee:

  • Martine Rioux, Web Editor-in-Chief and Special Projects Officer, École branchée;
  • Annie Ferlatte, Mediator in strategic ecodesign, Communautique;
  • Judith Beauregard, Co-CEO | Executive producer, Tobo;
  • Samantha Lopez Uri, Youth Advisor, Network of Carrefours jeunesse-emploi du Québec;
  • Anne-Josée Lacombe, Educational projects manager, Musée de la civilization de Québec.

About Digital Spring and QC 2030 Youth

Digital Spring is the lead organization for the project Youth QC 2030, supported by the Quebec Youth Secretariat. The aim of this project is to help establish equal opportunities for young people aged 13 to 29 by supporting the development of digital literacy skills, and thus reduce the digital divide observed between different types of populations. This project is presented by Hydro-Quebec.

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