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On the occasion of REFER 2019, we met Émilie Lebret and Christelle Quesne, creators of the Escape n 'Games website, which brings together escape games and offers tools for those who wish to embark on this educational path.

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We met Émilie Lebret, resource and services mediator at the Canopé workshop in Blois and Christelle Quesne, website creator Escape n 'Games, which brings together escape games created by French teachers and which offers tools for those who wish to embark on this educational path.

Text by Alexane St-Amant Ringuette

Two years after the emergence of the phenomenon of educational escape games, the aim of which is to create group cohesion and bring disciplinary skills into play, Émilie and Christelle felt a need for dissemination and sharing. Indeed, more and more colleagues were looking to add a little gamification to their teaching sequences.

The site Escape n 'Games is managed by a collective of ten teachers gamification enthusiasts and having recently evolved in the form of an association. It brings together escape game templates, articles, creative resources, and a YouTube channel. But, beyond the tools, this site aims to provoke a deep reflection on the educational potential of the game. The teachers' need for a discussion space has been met by a Facebook group which is bubbling with ideas, reflections and sharing. : How to position yourself as a teacher when the game places the students in autonomy? What to do in the after-game to promote learning? How to evaluate?

We invite you to listen to this interview conducted during the REFER 2019 to learn more about the resources and support put forward with the platform. Escape n'Games collective.

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Stephanie Dionne
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