On the agenda: Meeting of French-language schools in a network (REFER)

On March 20 and 21, this event will bring together Francophone educators simultaneously in several locations, including Quebec City and France. Participants will experience a rich day of exchanges, in the company of renowned speakers, including Ewan McIntosh and Britt-Mari Barth.

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On March 20 and 21, this event will bring together Francophone educators simultaneously in several locations, including Quebec City and France. Participants will experience a rich day of exchanges, in the company of renowned speakers, including Ewan McIntosh and Britt-Mari Barth.

This exceptional meeting was born from the desire of two specialists in French from Quebec, Nathalie Couzon (teacher) and Monique Lachance (educational advisor), to take even further the rich telecollaboration experiences they have had in recent years with classes from everywhere, especially via Twitter. They joined two French alter egos, Nadya benyounes and Bertrand formet, as well as a multidisciplinary team to advise and support them.

"It is not a question here of bringing together only technophile teachers, but of pointing out and lifting the veil on the horizons of possibilities offered to all by the technologies of the 21st century", explain Mmes Couzon and Lachance. “The exchanges and resources will aim to inspire the teachers participating in the event and, quickly, to benefit them. The REFER represents, in its structure and content, the spirit of 2.0: sharing and pooling through connection and mobile technologies. "

Many internationally renowned speakers are expected at the Québec City Center, as well as in France. For example, in Quebec:
Ewan McIntosh, francophile, entrepreneur and educational blogger, former Scotland's first national adviser on learning and new technologies. Well known in the Franco-Canadian community for his recent participations in the 2013 edition of Clear, in New Brunswick, and at the 2013 provincial meeting of Destination Success, in Ontario;
Britt-Mari Barth, professor emeritus at the Faculty of Education of the Institut Supérieur de Pédagogie at the Institut Catholique de Paris, where she has been teaching since 1976. The work of this renowned lecturer provides methodological assistance to teachers in the appropriation of innovative pedagogical approaches . Its reflection is organized around key concepts such as the co-construction of knowledge, motivation for learning and the mediating role of the teacher.

The opening will take place in the evening of Thursday, March 20, 2014, with a welcome and networking activity, as well as a conference. On Friday morning, a round table will promote exchanges and the sharing of experience, simultaneously in Quebec and in France, with people present and by videoconference. On Friday afternoon, participants from Quebec will meet in thematic workshops. The official schedule will be announced later.

Interestingly, to further explode the concept of network dear to the organizers, other centers of activity could join the day. It will then be enough to find a place of reception for the participants, to manage the registrations, to foresee the connection to participate in the common activities of the morning and to organize the workshops of the afternoon.

The objectives of REFER:
• create lasting links in education between Francophone communities;
• encourage and develop innovative practices;
• accompany and support teachers in digital educational uses;
• revalue the teaching profession.

The type of conferences and workshops offered aims to give visibility to innovative pedagogical practices, to learn to communicate with 2.0 tools, to educate in social media and their pedagogical integration in the classroom, to network classes, to develop students' skills by creating content in French, etc.

About 250 participants are expected in Quebec City alone. The activities will be held at the Neufchâteal high school. Book now your evening of March 20 and your day of 21!

We will follow developments and keep you informed regularly. It is also possible, while waiting:
- to visit the site
- of register at the main foyer of Quebec
- to subscribe to the Twitter thread:
- "to like" the Facebook page:

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