To underline our 25 years of activity, the editorial staff wishes to highlight the exceptional work of our Executive Director, who has been working for the organization in this capacity since 2012. A bit of history!

2012 marks a turning point in the history of École branchée. It was during this year that the board of directors of the organization behind the École branchée since 2004 was renewed and a general manager was appointed to give a new impetus to its activities, while making it independent. . The non-profit organization has been renamed quite simply L'École branchée. 

This is how activities related to École branchée magazine, to the Infobourg website, to educational guides SCOOP! and the Picto royalty-free image bank came under the responsibility of a team entirely dedicated to the advancement of education. 

It is therefore Audrey Miller who has had, as she puts it so well, "the immense honor of taking the leadership of École branchée". She is still at her helm today, still driven by the same passion.

“25 years is a beautiful part of the history of digital education in Quebec that we have experienced and documented with the École branchée. And I am always keen to bring its mission to life, which remains as relevant as ever: helping teachers take advantage of digital technology to promote the success of their students! "

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