Global boom in educational technologies: Quebec and its edtech companies have a role to play

Press release - The Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec) conducted in the winter of 2021 a study of the Quebec edtech sector in collaboration with the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation. The report is released today.

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Press release - In recent months, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated demand for digital use in education. Already well aware of the importance of the digital transformation of education, the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec) conducted in the winter of 2021 a study of the Quebec edtech sector in collaboration with the ministry of the Economy and Innovation of Quebec.

This study, which comes at the right time after more than a year in which the closure of schools and the various health measures had, among other consequences, the promotion of distance education, includes concrete avenues for development with a view to positioning Quebec in this rapidly growing market.

North American market set to grow faster

Globally, a sustained growth forecast for educational technologies is observed in the order of over 14 % annually over the next 5 years, reaching US $ 404 billion by the end of this period.

Some of the factors that will drive the growth of the market include the popularity of cloud services, improved security and operational flexibility, affordability and accessibility. In terms of exports, the rest of Canada constitutes the most important clientele of Quebec organizations with 80 % of all sales outside Quebec, followed by Europe with 58 % and the United States with 44 %.

Promote Quebec companies in the procurement process

Promoting edtech as solutions to tackle specific issues (boys' academic success, alleviation of learning difficulties, shortage of teachers, etc.) remains an excellent avenue for promoting adoption of educational technologies by the education network, but also by families.

“The Quebec edtech sector stands out for its unique educational expertise, technological know-how and dynamism. While the school experience has been forever transformed by the pandemic, the innovative pedagogies created in Quebec, for Quebec, are raising their hands to help all stakeholders in the field to promote the well-being and success of students. students, ”says Shawn Young, president of the Edteq Association.

As such, close collaboration between the government and edtech organizations will allow the sector to gain greater influence.

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About Edteq (

Created in 2017 on the initiative of some twenty entrepreneurs, the Edteq Association, which brings together 84 % edtech organizations in Quebec, is positioned as a key player in the educational technology movement in Quebec and internationally. Its mission is to promote the work of its members and accelerate the digital transformation of education.

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