Vision and action in Mr. Éric's class

Today we meet Mr. Éric, a “rebellious and against the grain” grade 6 teacher, who introduces us to his premises and his “team”, his students!

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Today we meet Mr. Éric, teacher of 6e “rebellious and against the tide” year, which introduces us to its premises and its “team”, its students!

Éric Tremblay teaches in 6e year at the Alexander-Wolff School of the Commission scolaire de la Capitale. “Mr. Éric” also writes a column in the magazine École branchée, entitled “Dans ma classe”, in addition to being a columnist for the Journal de Québec and guest in various television shows (including Entrée Main, on Radio-Canada) and radio to intervene on the subject of education.

He is often labeled as a teacher like no other, rebellious and against the grain, as he noted in his column for the spring 2017 issue of the magazine. After having met him a few times, I would rather say that he learned to take on the role that inhabited him, that of Mr. Eric, a superhero!

In this interview, you will meet Mr. Éric in his room, surrounded by his young people who gathered around 3 workshops. They lead these workshops themselves by launching educational challenges. Mr. Éric created his classroom just like he wanted from his university studies. This room is a totally different environment from the class of 6e that I knew at the end of the 1980s! He thought of it above all to meet the needs of his students, to leave room for their potential and their creativity.

Twitter: @equipem monsieureric
Website :

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