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On the occasion of the #Clair2018 conference, we had the pleasure of welcoming Marius Bourgeoys, co-founder of EscouadeEDU, just after his conference at the #Clair2018 conference, in which he invited each teacher to develop his leadership.

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On the occasion of the #Clair2018 conference, we had the pleasure of receiving Marius Bourgeoys, co-founder of EscouadeEDU, for an interview just after his conference at the #Clair2018 conference. Come listen to him invite each teacher to develop his leadership!

From January 25 to 27, L'École branchée was in Clair, New Brunswick. The annual conference is held in his small school with a big heart, the Haut-Madawaska Learning Center (CAHM). Clair - See education differently. More than 325 people gathered there, in addition to almost 200 students.

In an interview, Marius tells us that he discovered, through his career as a teacher, deputy director and educational leader, that leadership is not a position. “It's not just the boss who has leadership,” he explains. According to him, we can all influence the people around us. The pedagogical leader, in particular, is responsible for student learning. It is a leadership fully connected to the human being. It is indeed first of all the human being who marks by his integrity, by the way in which we feel close to him, by who he is. Among other things, we distinguish ourselves from the machines by which we are, he believes.

Marius also reminds us that leadership development takes place in stages. The first is that which allows you to take the leadership of your own life. Then, we develop leadership towards others. For this, we must first develop the relationship. Then, you have to become a model of excellence in your accomplishments. Finally, you have to know how to give back to others in the form of sharing your experience in order to allow them to shine in their turn in their strengths.

Innovate inside the box

To close his conference during the event, Marius Bourgeoys left the teachers with this statement: anything is possible! According to him, it is quite possible to innovate inside “the box”, whether it is his class, his school, or the framework that makes up his environment. It is important to begin by recognizing that there is a box and that there are possibilities within that box. To do this, there are conditions: having a good open-mindedness, having intentionality.

Growth mindset

Marius also addressed the growth mentality in his lecture. He simply explains that this expression means to believe that one can develop oneself. This is what happens inside those who influence what we can see on the outside. Anyone can develop their potential with strategies and effort. Anyone can also make mistakes, but it is important to learn from them and keep moving forward.

Marius touched all the participants of the conference. It invites reflection and action so that everyone develops their educational leadership. You can listen to the full conference here: The power of educational leadership.

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