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New interactive tool: discover the ABCs of safe travel with children aged 5 to 8

With the nice weather, are more of your students walking to school? Help them learn about road safety by discovering Axelle and Pitchouf: on the move!
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As the end of the school year and summer approaches, are more of your students walking to school? 

Whether it's using traffic lights and crosswalks or making sure you are well seen while walking, Axelle and Pitchouf: on the move!, an interactive educational tool produced by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), will teach them how to do so safely.

Thus, through the characters of a girl, her pet and a crossing guard, students aged 5 to 8 will explore the concepts of road safety relating to the following contexts.

  • Cross the street
  • Be seen
  • Walk in the street
  • Use crosswalks
  • Use traffic lights
  • Get on the bus
  • Being on the bus
  • Get off the bus
  • Cross in front of the bus
  • Driving in the presence of large vehicles  

Axelle and Pitchouf in 3 points

1 - Interactive (we like it!)

Each capsule is divided into two: a short video and a game. After watching the animation which explains the correct behavior to adopt in a displacement situation, the students can test and put into practice their learning by means of an interactive game. .

2 - Easy to use and free

Accessible online, Axelle and Pitchouf: on the move! requires little material and preparation. Internet access, electronic support (computer, tablet, interactive whiteboard, etc.) and voila!

3 - Adaptable  

The capsules are short and independent of each other. Axelle and Pitchouf: on the move! can therefore be used in no specific order, depending on the time available. The concepts of road safety being exploited separately, it is possible to personalize the use according to the environment and the context in which you are!

A bus trip is planned? Explore with the students the capsules dealing with bus trips, as a preparation.

Discover Axelle and Pitchouf: on the move! with your students and help them learn about road safety!

Resources for using it

The SAAQ has created material to assist you, if necessary, in using this tool. Directly to Axelle and Pitchouf on our site, you will find an animation guide, which offers game contexts and user activities, as well as a complementary guide, which provides detailed explanations and additional information for each of the game contexts.

Did your students like Axelle and Pitchouf? Order posters for your classroom and your school!

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