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Letters to Anthony: correspondence with a young autistic

Stories intended for a young autistic 1st year, inviting him to all kinds of discoveries by making links with the world around us.

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Mr. Guy Bergeron, one of the pioneers of L'École branchée, now retired, corresponds regularly by email with his grand-nephew Anthony, who has mild autism. He tells her stories and invites her to all kinds of discoveries by making connections with the world around him. "Anthony goes to read them every morning and, sometimes, via his mother, he sends me a reaction", he explains to us.

He humbly agreed to share his writings with us! You will therefore have the pleasure of reading it regularly in this column, and you may even want to be inspired by its texts with your own students (whether they are autistic or not!). Anthony is in first year (6-7 years old).

The first series concerns Halloween… (okay, it's already past, but that sets the tone for the future!)

Please note! The English translation of this text is automated - Errors (sometimes hilarious!) can creep in! ;)

Funny dream… A special dream! (#1)

Hello Anthony!

My friend Crio the ant usually goes to bed around 8 p.m.
After a good day, it doesn't take long to go to bed to rest.
He always gets a good night's sleep.
He usually gets up at the same time, 6:30 a.m.
Oops! The two needles have fallen ... Can you trace them?
Crio sometimes likes to laze a bit in the morning. But this morning, he gets up quickly and comes to find me to tell me a whole story!
A rather long story… long… very long. There was no real end.
Let's say it was interminable.
I am summarizing what he was telling me.
“That night, while I was sleeping, I saw like clouds.
The clouds were passing in the sky, yet it was night.
I do not really understand. At night, you don't usually see the clouds because it's too dark.
They were of different shapes: round, long, small like sheep, big chased by little ones ...
There were still clouds, but they were all different. "
Well! Crio, your story is a bit long. Can you continue it tomorrow?
" Yes! But I hope to remember it. I'm going to draw it to remember it. "
Tomorrow I will continue this story. I hope it won't be too long. I admit all the same that Crio's story intrigues me a bit. To be continued ...

Funny dream… A special dream! (#2)

Hello Anthony!
Last night Crio went to bed at the usual time. He was still wondering if he would have another dream with lots of clouds.
As you know, he did some drawings yesterday morning.
Do you remember what time he went to bed?
Good yes! 8 p.m.!
In the middle of the night, around 4 a.m., Crio wakes up. It was still dark outside.
He rubs both eyes and realizes he's been dreaming again.
There were still clouds in her dream, but this time something slipped behind one of the clouds.
He tries to remember it.
It is not easy to remember everything that happens in our dreams.
You Anthony, do you remember your dreams?
Crio cries out “Yes! Yes! I saw a special shape.
There was the noise of the wind. It hissed, but it wasn't this. 
It was not a whistling wind.
Something was sticking out of the cloud, much like the jet of a rocket.
It was going very quickly and then it disappeared. "
He tries to remember what he saw. He said to me: “Yes! No! Yes! Yes! I saw… "
- Good! Crio, "Did you see or you didn't see? ... but what?" "
- Yes! I actually saw a witch walk past one of the clouds. 
I said to him: "Well let's see, don't you think your imagination is a little strong? Go back to bed. Morning is near and you still need to rest. "
In the morning, from 6.30 am, a whole drama takes place!
The story is long enough for today. I will continue tomorrow!

Funny dream… A special dream! (#3)

Hello Anthony!

Phew! Phew! Not just a little problem ...

Crioline, my other ant, heard all this story of Crio's dream. She cries very hard because she is not having this dream and would like to see the witch too.

Crioline said, “I want to see the witch too. Yet I dream at night. »Sniff! Sniff! Sniff!
I tell him, "Maybe it's in Crio's imagination." He saw Halloween decorations on the street. It certainly fueled his imagination. "
Crio says: “Well no! I actually saw this witch. Look how clear and precise my drawing is. She had big eyes and she was sitting comfortably on a broom.
It was just passing in front of the Moon. She was easy to see. "
- You have to admit that your drawing is precise, I said.
- I'm good at drawing too. I'd love to color a witch, said Crioline.
- Good! Here are some drawings to color. Maybe it will help you have a nice dream.
Click here to find one with a black cat.
Click here instead to see one with a frog, which will definitely fuel your imagination.
Well! Now we have to have lunch and get ready for school.
Good day Anthony!
Illustrations: Pixabay and (c) Mathieu Gaudreault for the ants

About the Author

Guy Bergeron
Guy Bergeron
Guy is one of the pioneers of École branchée. He was notably one of the creators of the SCOOP educational guides! in 2004. Now retired, he worked as an educational advisor in ICT integration at the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs.

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