Science and technology "teachers" meet from October 22 to 24

The 49th annual conference of the Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology in Quebec, in Trois-Rivières, will notably include a block on the integration of ICT. It's time to register!

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The 49th annual conference of the Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology in Quebec, in Trois-Rivières, will notably include a block on the integration of ICT. It's time to register!

TheAssociation for the teaching of science and technology in Quebec (AESTQ) will hold its next annual conference in Trois-Rivières from October 22 to 24. With the theme "Science, technology and innovation: a trendy trio!" », The event will focus, among other things, on the use and integration of ICT in scientific disciplines, from preschool to university, including primary and adult education.

As part of this congress, academics, researchers, teachers and various education professionals come together to offer practical and theoretical workshops on various subjects. For example, a block of workshops is reserved for the use of ICT resources in science and technology. In this block, the participant will be able to choose, according to his interests, between different subjects, such as the use of interactive whiteboards, the hybrid classroom and mobile laboratories.

Workshops also offer practical stories likely to give teachers new ideas for pedagogical scriptwriting. To this end, it is possible to mention the one bearing the creation of an Earth-Moon-Sun mobile, a workshop in which participants will even be offered the manufacturing guide, the student's notebook and the evaluation grid! Other workshops will allow you to learn how to build magnetometers, miniature hot air balloons or flashlights and to reproduce the exercise in class.

Various representatives and various associations will be on site to present interesting resources. This is particularly the case of the workshop of Regional hub for science and technology education, which will present turnkey learning and evaluation situations. Of course, several companies and publishing houses specializing in education and ICT will participate in the colloquium and exhibit the most recent products relating to science and technology.

The congress will be the occasion to participate in thematic days specifically intended for the different levels of education. Stakeholders from adult education, preschool and elementary education and college education are invited to meet on Thursday, October 23 to share their concerns, their thoughts and their successes relating to the teaching of science and technology.

Various scientific exploratory outings and activities in research centers or companies are also planned. The famous City of energy and the National Center for Electrochemistry and Environmental Technologies are included in the list of establishments concerned.

The congress will be held at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. All information relating to programming, prices and registration is available here.

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