Hooked on School Days 2019

The Journées de la persévérance scolaire are an opportunity for hundreds of local, regional and national actors to be part of the commitment movement that makes the educational success of all young Quebecers a collective responsibility.

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MONTREAL, Feb. 2019 / CNW Telbec / - From February 11 to 15, the Hooked on School Days (JPS) will be an opportunity for hundreds of local, regional and national actors to be part of the commitment movement which makes the educational success of all young Quebecers a collective responsibility. Placed under the theme Our actions, a + for their success, these Days wish to illustrate that the addition of actions taken by a multitude of actors can make a real difference in the success of a young person, from birth to adulthood. 

Even though, in general, the graduation rate has been on the rise in Quebec for several years, the picture varies from one region to another and the factors that can encourage a young person to leave school are numerous. Several studies show that each student who perseveres and obtains a first diploma or a qualification will have better living conditions and better self-esteem. Parents, teachers, education professionals, friends, community organizations, elected officials, employers, we can all do something positive to encourage young people to develop their full potential and cultivate their ability to become and remain persevering. It is important to make a concrete commitment so that each young person has equal opportunities to succeed, grow and develop in the best conditions.

“It is by reminding people of the importance of education, by valuing the role of teachers, by recognizing the expertise of our school teams and by supporting the efforts of students that we will encourage school perseverance. Acting early with young people makes it possible to detect the difficulties they encounter, to intervene quickly, to create a more positive school career and to reduce dropping out. This is why our government is implementing the necessary actions to ensure that young people in Quebec all have the same chances of succeeding and obtaining their diploma. Each gesture brings them closer to success ”, underlines Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education and Higher Education.

“We share with many stakeholders the ambition to make educational success a social project that goes beyond all partisanship. Several elements are necessary to remove the obstacles that lead to the educational success of all young people in Quebec without exception: a real climate of trust between all stakeholders, a very strong mobilization as well as the consistency of all government actions and societal ", underlines Jean-Marc Chouinard, president of the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, spokesperson for JPS 2019

It is with great interest that Laurent Duvernay-Tardif has accepted the role of official spokesperson for the campaign. Hooked on School Days 2019. “The JPS is a new opportunity for me to meet young people and encourage them to persevere, to talk to them about fun, healthy lifestyles, the importance of reading and being active. It's my way of becoming a + in their educational success. Having experienced it myself, I know that a simple gesture can make a big difference in our perseverance, whether it is a word of encouragement from a friend, access to books, kindness. adults around us… All examples of + that can guide them to success! "

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif invites us to take part in this vast movement of recognition, to reveal a gesture made by a member of our entourage who was decisive in our educational journey and to share it on social media accompanied by the hashtag #JPS2019 in influence and inspiration.

During the week, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif will also have the opportunity to meet young people, but also community and school stakeholders, business people, elected municipal officials and members of Parliament. when traveling in Montreal, Drummondville, Lévis and Quebec.

Thousands of activities across Quebec 

Hundreds of activities and initiatives are organized by local and regional players across Quebec. Whether it is through the presentation of certificates of perseverance and recognition, by holding competitions, regional launches, conferences or galas, a multitude of activities will take place throughout the week in schools, communities and municipalities, including some in collaboration with regional Chambers of Commerce.

The Perseverance days school are also an opportunity to highlight the actions carried out on a daily basis by all stakeholders in all sectors to fight against early school leaving and promote the success of all students. It is also the time to value young people, to encourage them, to congratulate them for their efforts and to listen to them as to their motivations and aspirations.

The Journées de la persévérance scolaire are made possible thanks to the participation of numerous national, regional and local partners and thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation as well as that of the future of children.

About Hooked on School Days

Celebrated each year in Quebec during the 3week of February and carried by the regional consultation bodies (IRC), these days of national campaign are the occasion to remind us all that sometimes a simple gesture of encouragement to persevere can have a very important positive impact.

They also aim to publicize several activities and events taking place throughout Quebec and to remind students, parents, school network staff, employers and all national and regional stakeholders that they are all essential and have a role to play in the academic perseverance of young people.

About the Network of Regional Concertation Authorities (IRC) on school perseverance and educational success in Quebec

Present in all regions of Quebec, the IRCs have the common objective of helping to promote school perseverance and the educational success of young people through the mobilization of the players concerned and the development of concerted initiatives. The IRCs have expertise in collective intervention, support for communities, dissemination and transfer of knowledge and they are at the crossroads of exchanges between intersectoral and inter-order actors. 

SOURCE Network of regional consultation bodies (IRC) on school perseverance and educational success in Quebec

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