The online archives of the REFAD "Inspiring or innovative practices in distance learning" conference are online

To view or review communications from the REFAD conference, held on May 23 and 24 in Montreal, here is the online archive of the event's webcast.

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To view or review communications from the REFAD conference, held on May 23 and 24 in Montreal, here is the online archive of the event's webcast (including chat).

The REFAD team thanks Mr. Denis gilbert of TÉLUQ University for access to this document. A special thank you is also addressed to Ms. Lise Bégin-Langlois for his animation work.

See also the recordings of the event via the Network Facebook account. thanks to Eric Pelletier of the Edmundston Campus of the Université de Moncton.

REFAD conference "Inspiring or innovative practices in distance learning"
Montreal, May 23 and 24, 2019

Online archive via Adobe Connect including breaks and chat

- The link to the PowerPoint presentations received to date:

* Important: You are invited to move the cursor at the bottom of the screen in order to directly view the time slot of your choice


URL address:

* Welcome message from the President of REFAD, Mr. Dany Benoit and Thursday opening conference by Mr. Alain Stockless
From 0 to 1 hour 19 minutes and 15 seconds.

* The Wiki-TEDia project: Learning, creating and sharing open and evolving resources / Béatrice Pudelko (University TÉLUQ)
From 1 hour 44 minutes and 10 seconds to 2 hours 26 minutes and 15 seconds.

* Secondary school FAD project / Nancy Couture, Julie Bélanger and Martine April (Fleuve-et-des-Lacs school board / FADIO)
From 2 hours 26 minutes and 31 seconds to 2 hours, 57 minutes and 45 seconds

* Presentation of a REFAD certificate of honor to Mr. Tony Bates (North Contact Consultant and Ryerson University)
From 2 hours 58 minutes to 3 hours 4 minutes and 5 seconds

* Presentation of the results of the REFAD mini-surveys for 2018-2019 (Marcelle Parr / Action Compétences)
From 4 hours 30 minutes and 50 seconds to 4 hours 49 minutes and 30 seconds.

* Project M: a digital innovation project to train employed workers / Giany Huyghues-Despointes (MEQ), Serge Carrier (SOFAD)
From 4 hours 49 minutes and 40 seconds to 5 hours 33 minutes.

* Graduate studies in hybrid mode: Giving wings to French-speaking teachers in minority communities / Hélène Lalancette (Simon Fraser University)
From 5 hours 53 minutes and 25 seconds to 6 hours 21 minutes and 35 seconds.

* Presentation of certificates of honor: Ms. Mylène Simard (Regroupement FADIO) and Mr. Michel Umbriaco (University TÉLUQ)
From 6 hours 22 minutes to 6 hours 36 minutes and 10 seconds.

* REFAD General Assembly
From 6 hours 36 minutes and 15 seconds to 7 hours 39 minutes and 4 seconds.


URL address:

* Opening conference on Friday by Ms. Sophie Callies.
From 4 minutes to 54 minutes and 30 seconds

* Management of digital implementation in educational institutions in Quebec
Part 1: Digital action plan in education and higher education: initiatives and strategies for deployment in all educational institutions in Quebec / Marie-Noëlle Sergerie, Yvan Fortier, Éric Roy (Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec)
From 1 hour 16 minutes and 25 seconds to 1 hour 33 minutes and 50 seconds.

Part 2: Management of digital implementation at UQAM: sharing of educational strategies and practices / France Gravelle, Frédéric Fournier (in collaboration with Alain Stockless, Martin Rivest and Jean-François Tremblay) UQAM)
From 1 hour 34 minutes and 45 seconds to 1 hour 48 minutes and 30.

* User experience at the heart of success: a winning practice / Mélanie Beaulieu and Céline Boucher (Université de Moncton)
From 1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours 23 minutes and 45 seconds.

* Active learning and distance learning classroom: the advantages and challenges of these spaces / Marc Villeneuve (Teaching and Learning Support Service, University of Ottawa)
From 2 hours 25 minutes and 45 seconds to 3 hours 4 minutes and 35 seconds.

* Integrate the principles of universal design for distance learning / Marilyn Baillargeon, Claire Banville (University TÉLUQ)
From 4 hours 30 minutes and 15 seconds to 5 hours and 25 seconds.

* Successes, winning practices and lessons learned at the heart of an educational transformation at Collège La Cité / Mara Franchi and Olivier Chartrand (Collège La Cité)
From 5 hours 2 minutes and 18 seconds to 5 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds.

* A SoTL approach to learning and teaching with digital technology in post-secondary education / Diane Leduc and Alain Stockless (UQAM)
From 5 hours 40 minutes and 45 seconds to 6 hours 18 minutes and 30 seconds.

* Summary of the conference by Ms. Lise Bégin-Langlois
From 6 hours 19 minutes and 50 seconds to 6 hours 31 minutes and 15 seconds.

* Closing remarks by Dany Benoit, President of REFAD
From 6 hours 31 minutes and 30 seconds to 6 hours 34 minutes and 30 seconds.

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