The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: creative applications with the touchscreen tablet

Lynda O'Connell and Isabelle Therrien presented the Workshop Creative applications with the touch pad (iPad). Aimed more at preschool and first cycle elementary school teachers, this workshop enabled the discovery of applications to promote creativity in students.

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On March 19, the third virtual Rendez-vous du RÉCIT was held. Six free workshops were offered online in order to introduce educational actors to various themes that could be explored within the framework of the Digital education action plan. The recordings of these workshops as well as the resources presented will be available on the RÉCIT website.

Lynda O'Connell and Isabelle Therrien presented the workshop Creative applications with the touchscreen tablet (iPad). Aimed more at preschool and first cycle elementary school teachers, this workshop enabled the discovery of applications to promote creativity in students.

After presenting the difference between creativity and creation, it was about the use of open applications that allow students to create a work of their own. There is a wide variety of this type of application. Examples were listed by product type and shared with participants.


Why draw? To illustrate a story or part of a story, a character, a theme, a portrait as well as to write lines, letters, words, names, etc.

Interesting and free applications

Keynote : to take a picture, write and draw.

Smart Notebook : to draw and add voice.

Draw and tell : to draw, add images or backgrounds and record voice.


Why register? To work on oral expression and the richness of vocabulary by recording a story, a presentation, a “did you know that”, a rhyme, a song. To listen to their voice, message, shared information, etc. Plus, kids love it!

Interesting applications

iTalk : free, but with advertising (except on airplane mode) with an easy visual for children that can be shared by e-mail in aiff format.

Rec : free, but limited with an easy visual for the youngest shareable by email in mp3 format.

Dictaphone : free without advertising that can be shared by several tools (email, Drive, Seesaw, iMovie, etc.)

Animated objects

Why animate objects? To give way to the imagination of the child by making speak a character, an object, an illustration or a drawing!

Interesting applications

Chatter Pix kid : from an image or a photo, we add tights, borders and we bring it to life with the voice.

Princess Fairy Tale Maker or Super hero Comic Book Maker (free) : from animated tights, pencils, it is possible to create a video sequence to tell a story.

Children's literature

Why use children's literature? To share stories with the student and to have them tell them. By using “app-smashing” the possibilities are endless!

Interesting applications

Oh! The magic drawing app : shapes transform, change color, landscape, etc. The camera allows you to keep your creation.

Pango Comics : from an image, we create a little cartoon without words.

Uh, where's Gertrude? : digital book that also allows you to create your own story.

My story book maker for kids (or book creator for the oldest): drawing, photo, recording tool that allows you to create a book in iBook, ePub or video.

For further : the Scratch Jr folder of the PRESCO STORY.

Photo montage

Why the editing? To share the story of your day with your parents, remember what you did, express your emotions, create a card for a special occasion, etc.

Interesting application

Pic Collage : Free with in-app purchases.

To end the workshop, the participants exchanged their favorites including Clips, Geoboard, PuppetEDU and Photobooth.

The intention is really to get kids to create, to use apps creatively. - Lynda O'Connell

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