The AQUOPS conference: vision of a new participant

Last April, Jessica Lecours, a techno-pedagogy enthusiast, participated for the first time in the AQUOPS conference. She shares with you her experience and her favorites.

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Last April, it was my first participation in the AQUOPS conference. The pedagogical advisor at my school, who knows my interest in techno-pedagogy, strongly advised me to attend. I wanted to show you the conference through the eyes of a new teacher. 

By Jessica Lecours, teacher at CFP Fierbourg

When I arrived, the first nice surprise I had was the scale of the event. I did not expect to meet so many participants from all corners of Quebec. What a joy to discover that so many of them were like me: passionate about new educational tools! But I felt there was more. The people present at this conference, both teachers and school administrators and advisers, wanted to build a community. Some got to know each other while others reconnected with colleagues from other schools they had met during various seminars or training sessions. All were present with a common goal: to help each other and to share. 

I took part in several workshops to discover new faces, new tools, new ways of doing things each time. The workshops are not run by lecturers, but by people in the field who come to share with their colleagues. Each of his workshops offered a look at the use of techno-pedagogy in his class, in his school or in the region, as the case may be.

My favorites were Denis Dubé's workshop on Digital leadership as well as that of Pierre Lachance on the Creative lab. These two passionate men made me envy my children to study now and to benefit from all these stimulating tools.

Did I like my experience? Yes!

Will I be there next year? Without any hesitation!

This day inspired me to develop, to create, to experiment with my students. I am sure that one day it will be my turn to lead a workshop to share my passion and thus contribute in my own way to enrich this community.

And you, will you be there next year?

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