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FlipGrid: creation for feedback

Whether we teach in elementary or secondary school, we are all looking for tools that make the student's thinking visible. FlipGrid is one of those tools. Using a video, students can explain their approach, give their appreciation of a work or even self-evaluate their work.

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Whether we teach in elementary or secondary school, we are all looking for tools that make the student's thinking visible. FlipGrid is one of those tools. Using a video, students can explain their approach, give their appreciation of a work or even self-evaluate their work.

through Julie chandonnet and Pierre-Olivier Cloutier, primary and secondary teachers.

In the universe of FlipGrid, the subject groups bear the name of Grids and the requested works are called Topics. The teacher first creates his Grids for all groups or subjects. Then, through the creation of a topic, the teacher assigns his task to the pupils. Instructions are given there by text or video. All that remains is to share the task-specific code with the students so that they can access their work. 

Features appreciated by users

  • Light preparation of an activity in a few clicks;
  • Importing a summary of student work into a spreadsheet-type file, which facilitates counting and classification;
  • Collaboration between colleagues thanks to the “Co-Pilot” function within a subject group (Grid);
  • Limited time for student productions (between 30 seconds and 10 minutes);
  • Students have instant access to their colleagues' productions and can react to them in different ways;
  • Depending on the targeted pedagogical intention, possibility of requiring the moderation of student productions before publication in large groups.
  • Students can use the FlipGrid app on a mobile device or check in from a computer with a camera.
  • Compatibility with Google Classroom.


Flipgrid allows teachers to provide feedback to students within its platform and provides access to a wide variety of tools to do so. The teacher can write their feedback or record it as a video response. In either case, the student will have instant access to their feedback. The teacher can also decide to use the evaluation criteria to be selected. With this tool, we can establish the evaluation criteria, define them well for the student and choose the scoring scale. Once personalized, these criteria remain in your account so that they can be used for another task. Finally, it is possible to encourage peer feedback during certain activities by activating the “Student-to-student replies” option.

Ideas to exploit

Plot? Are you looking for an anchor point to get started? FlipGrid has a library, called "Disco Library" where you will find many activities ready to be edited or sent in full to your students. It is also possible to discover the richness of this platform by carrying out the online training available in the section Achievement of your account.

To inspire you further, here are some ideas that we ourselves have implemented:

  • Check students' initial conceptions on a topic;
  • “Exit ticket” type production to see what has been learned from a lesson;
  • Explain a process for solving a problem, carrying out an experiment or designing a project;
  • Work on oral communication (French, English, Spanish) by giving students the chance to recover and return to work of which they are proud;
  • Validate a mathematical process orally;
  • Present their appreciation of a literary or artistic work;
  • Present the synthesis of a brainstorming during a project.

Training at Flipgrid

The École branchée regularly offers introductory Flipgrid training in CréaCamp SPRINT! Consult the current program! You could also request a Tailor-made CreaCamp on this theme, especially for your school team.

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