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Train your students to type, from the comfort of their own homes

If you are looking for educational activities for your students to continue their learning at home, know that the school edition of Tap'Touche is accessible outside of school.

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Advertorial, by Druide informatique

If you are looking for educational activities for your students to continue their learning at home, know that the school edition of Tap'Touche is accessible outside of school. The online application allows them to learn or improve their typing technique while having fun. And more: it gives teachers powerful tools to supervise their class and customize the training program.

Easy access from home

Like their students, teachers can access their accounts from any Internet-connected PC, Mac, Chromebook, or iPad. It's so much easier with no installation or update to manage.

Sign-in is just a click away, including single sign-on services from Google and Office 365. Schools can even get a personalized URL that leads directly to the school's sign-in page.

A customizable program

The content of Typing Pal is adapted according to the age group of the pupils. 

Thanks to the tools for managing collections of texts, teachers can create tailor-made activities for their groups. Tap'Touche allows them to add original texts, such as lists of words to study or even the students' revised texts from their last writing workshop.

Over the course of the training, Typewriter analyzes users' typing and detects the characters or fingers that should be used more often. This intelligent algorithm automatically generates personalized development activities for each learner. Students thus have access to content that is always new and in line with their skill level!

Complete supervision tools

The Tap'Touche school edition offers teachers several tools to monitor the progress of their groups. Indeed, an attendance calendar as well as detailed statistical reports allow them to gauge at a glance the results of each of their students and the duration of their respective training. Video reviews of completed activities are available in order to analyze atypical results if necessary.

Typing Pal also allows teachers to easily share each student's progress with their parents using the PDF report designed for this purpose. The performance indicators and attendance schedule it contains provide insight into a student's skill level and engagement. His parents can then encourage him to persevere and train regularly.

Finally, teachers have access to self-assessment sheets intended for students to improve their assessment. Once the training is completed and the objectives have been reached, Tap'Touche even offers to generate personalized certificates of achievement that graduates can proudly display.

For more information, see the user guide in the section Documentation of the site taptouche.com.

If your establishment has subscribed to the Tap'Touche school edition, do not hesitate to take advantage of it. Otherwise, request a free 30-day subscription to demo@taptouche.com. So give your students the opportunity to become keyboard aces.

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