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Press Release - The Rendez-vous des écoles francophones en réseau (REFER) is offering French-speaking teachers a new creative and fun activity to showcase the talent and creativity of their students on Instagram. Make way for instapoetry!

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"Raise your words, not your voice. It is the rain that makes the flowers grow, not the thunder." Jalâl ad-Dîn Rûmi

Press Release - In keeping with its mission to promote French culture and language as well as innovation, the Rendez-vous des écoles francophones en réseau (REFER) is offering Francophone teachers an educational, creative and fun activity to honour the talent and creativity of their students as part of the 18e Francophonie summitwhich will be held in Djerba (Tunisia) on November 19 and 20, 2022.

After having promoted twitture in the classroom and having allowed thousands of students to demonstrate their poetic talent on Twitter, REFER now wishes to lead them to explore a new mode of digital expression: instapoetry. By offering words a place at the heart of the image, this is a great way to give a boost to the poetic creativity of young Francophones.

Everyone knows that in our digital society, the written word is very important, with social networks representing spaces to reflect and express oneself about oneself and the world, but also being very popular platforms among young people. In fact, for some time now, the best-selling collections of poetry on Amazon International have been signed by authors Who started their writing careers on Instagram.

For Francophone students aged 5 to 18, this is a golden opportunity to discover new forms of contemporary writing and to experiment with the power of words. Whether French is their first, second or host language, the theme " Raise your words! "invites them to make their voices heard during this great celebration that is the Francophonie Summit ?.

In addition to the fact that the mode of instantaneous diffusion of short messages on social networks makes possible an interaction between the writer, the reader and the message, the activity proposed by the REFER wants to make poetry accessible to the students. It is also a way for them to mobilize their linguistic, intercultural, sociolinguistic and discursive skills in an authentic, innovative and motivating writing context.

Follow the REFER FaceBook page for details of the activity and go online to REFER website to learn more about the conditions of participation and the writing guidelines. The registration form is also available.

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