Schools must be the starting point for Quebec's digital strategy

The Federation of Private Educational Institutions made public the brief presented as part of the Québec government's digital strategy.

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Montreal, December 13, 2016 - The Federation of Private Educational Institutions has made public the presented thesis to the Minister of the Economy, Science and Innovation, responsible for the Digital Strategy, Mrs. Dominique Anglade. The Federation affirms that the Quebec school must be a digital school, better still, a smart school where young people take advantage of the immense potential of digital technology to develop their own potential.

Prevent a digital divide

The Federation stresses the importance of acting quickly to avoid a digital divide between young people who already have access to digital education at school and those who must be satisfied with a minimum of computer lessons.

“If Quebec does not quickly adopt a digital strategy for all preschools - primary and secondary, the digital divide will widen between young Quebecers. This could have social exclusion effects for young people who have not had access to modern education. For organizations, this could lead to a lack of manpower able to fill the available jobs, ”underlines the Federation in its brief.

Define the digital skills framework

The Federation recommends that the Ministry of Education clearly define the digital skills benchmark for preschool, primary and secondary. In his opinion, we must ensure that upon entering school, in the same way that we teach the basics of literacy and numeracy, we teach all students the basics of digital since most of 'of them use technology from a young age and must learn to use it in a responsible, respectful and safe manner.

Energize schools with digital technology

The thesis specifies that it is not a question of abandoning traditional teaching methods, such as lectures, which still have their place, but of diversifying teaching approaches. The digital school, like the traditional school, must revolve around the teacher-student relationship. In addition, the role of the teacher is called to evolve and this requires a review of the initial training of teachers and above all, the establishment of a true culture of professional development within the teaching profession.

Empower young people with regard to devices

The Federation notes that young people who are major consumers of digital devices must be aware of the environmental impact of these technologies. It suggests partnerships between schools, municipalities and organizations specializing in recycling to ensure optimal management of technological waste and actively involve students.

Make Quebec the leader in digital education

Quebec, given the quality of education it offers, has the potential to become the Francophonie leader in digital education for preschool, elementary and secondary. This requires strong leadership from the government to coordinate and support the various initiatives in the community. From this perspective, the digital strategy should aim to make Quebec the leader of the Francophonie for 1) the production of online content and 2) the establishment of online platforms for the professional development of teachers and executives in the field. education.

About the Federation of Private Educational Institutions

The Federation is a non-profit organization that brings together 190 independent establishments attended by some 110,000 students spread across Quebec, or about 12 % of the school population in Quebec. The members of the Federation offer services to preschool, elementary and secondary students in the areas of general and vocational training and special education.

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