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Marius Bourgeoys (@bourmu) presented a workshop with a mysterious title, the #Défi20prof, as part of #accesedu on November 4th.

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Marius Bourgeoys, sometimes better known as @bourmu, presented a workshop with the mysterious title: the #Défi20prof. This workshop took place as part of #accesedu, a meeting of educators held at the Académie Lafontaine in Saint-Jérôme on November 4.

Curious and attracted by the recognized expertise of Marius, I presented myself alongside about twenty people at this workshop for the less intriguing title.

The #Défi20Prof is in a way the gift that Marius gave himself for his birthday. This is a version intended for teachers of the 20% project. The challenge launched by Marius took place over several weeks, between September 5 and October 13, 2017.

The 20% project for students

The 20% project was first imagined for the pupils. During 4 to 12 weeks, the latter are granted 20% of their class time to carry out, alone or in a group, a project of their choice. The initiative mostly contains three components: the project, the product and the presentation.

The project takes place in four main stages. First, the students choose the project they want to work on. They must then present this project with the description, deadlines and the resulting product. During the project, students document their work through blog posts or some other form of communication. In the event that one chooses to evaluate the activity, it is these communications that are taken into account. Finally, the project ends with an oral presentation of the TED Talk type.

The 20% challenge for teachers

It's a blog post of Marius who is at the origin of the adventure of #Défi20prof. Subsequently, Le un premier webinar was featured on September 5th by @bourmu, @maotechno and @m monsieurhunter. The aim was to present the different stages and dates of the challenge to the “courageous teachers” who chose to take the plunge.

The #Défi20prof is:

  • An opportunity to place the student at the center of their learning
  • Become a designer of learning experiences
  • Become a context provider
  • Develop a synergistic educational partnership with the student
  • An opportunity to try new strategies, with the support of a whole network of enthusiasts
  • An opportunity to see and experience education differently
  • Prepare to experience a 20% project with your students
  • Take steps towards the redesigned school
  • Enjoy ! Surpass yourself !! Grow !!!

Responding to the challenge is not easy. 20% time, the lesson should start without the teacher speaking. He can welcome his students and greet them, but nothing more. Students must get to work on their own. This is very unsettling for some students who function better within a structure without which they feel lost. It is also anxiety-provoking for the teacher, the fear of heights exists!

You can rewatch the September 18 webinar here.

Participants in the challenge are encouraged to blog because, as Marius says, blogging is:

  • THINK in writing
  • SHARE your ideas and vision of the world
  • CONTRIBUTE to the collective brain
  • IMPROVE your communication skills

How to do it in 10 steps

The organizers of #défi20prof offer 10 tips to participants:

  1. Choose your platform
  2. Layout your platform
  3. Take the time to create a ticket
  4. Publish it !!! (Twitter and email)
  5. Respond to comments (They will be rare !!!)
  6. Network on Twitter
  7. Tweeter, Tweeter, Tweeter !!!
  8. Subscribe to a blog
  9. Read and comment on various blog posts
  10. Repeat steps 3 to 9

The #défi20prof in action

here is the link to see screenshots and videos, fruits of sharing this adventure.

here is the link for the list of blog posts.

What better way to end this story than a croquinote from @maotechno which summarizes it.

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