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During the 16th edition of Ludovia, an annual digital educational meeting, the participants of the AQPDE mission had the opportunity to visit the truck fitted out for the MAIF digital tour project.

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During the 16th edition of Ludovia, an annual digital educational meeting at Ax-les-Thermes in the Pyrenees, which took place from August 20 to 23, the participants of the mission of the Association québécoise du personnel de direction des schools (AQPDE) had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the digital truck fitted out for the project MAIF digital tower.

By Marie-Ève Gagnon, Director of the CS des Navigateurs
Reporter for AQPDE in Ludovia16

Since June 2017, the MAIF digital tower aims to raise awareness of the opportunities and risks of the digital tool. By means of an unprecedented and innovative operation, the truck reaches out to French audiences far from digital, both at school and community level.

Teachers, school administrators and other digital educational professionals participating in the mission were able to take advantage of Ludovia's few days to explore the different tools present in the truck.

Our MAIF digital tower deploys workshops and activities around this spectacular truck and its immersive and fun equipment. For its original and innovative character, this operation is supported by the Ministry of National Education and the Caisse des Dépôts et consignations. An unprecedented contribution to digital education policies.

Initiation, animation, education

In this mobile digital classroom, the priority is education, whatever the profile of the clientele. The truck of MAIF digital tower is also open to the general public. Equipped with the most recent digital materials, it offers workshops in the form of fun and educational activities. On board, the teacher conducts the activities, technically assisted by a truck co-host.

The practical workshops introduce coding and computer programming in addition to raising awareness of personal data protection, the functioning of search engines and connected objects. To animate the digital village and its demonstrations, the MAIF digital tower mobilizes in particular educational staff, regional stakeholders and startups.

The truck thus constitutes a digital class that can accommodate students from kindergarten to higher education. This class offers them a turnkey educational time adapted to the programs. An experience that allows students and teachers to discover new digital solutions as well as to manipulate digital tools and resources in the service of education and learning. Before their visit, the teachers are accompanied by the coaches of the Digital MAIF tower in order to fully understand the educational uses available to them.

Awareness and digital inclusion

In a process ofinclusion digital, discovery sessions are offered to vulnerable audiences, far from digital, in professional integration, as well as digital mediation professionals and elected officials of the territories. For example, we want to make them aware of new professions, digital identity control, robotics and programming.

Here is an overview of some of the truck's equipment:

  • the humanoid robot Nao educates young and old alike to artificial intelligence;
  • interactive screens on the floor and on the walls allow an immersive encounter with the content, in a collaborative dynamic;
  • robots adapted to each age and each degree of proficiency provide an introduction to coding and programming;
  • microscopes and a laboratory provide scientific exploration.

By its flexible and welcoming layout, allowing workshops to be adapted to a wide variety of customers, by its innovative and evolving side, this truck appeared to us an interesting avenue in order to make available to a wider pool the ever-growing possibilities of digital technology. in education.

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