Corneille: the reading companion for 3-8 year olds

Press release - The Corneille application offers fun screen time around the different stages of learning to read by 3 to 8 year olds.

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Work on sounds, drawing letters, syllabic decoding… These are examples of learning offered by Crow, an application that encourages children to discover and develop reading skills. Created by Ana and Marianne, both mothers of young children, this digital tool offers fun screen time around the different stages of learning to read.

Imagined with teachers, speech therapists and early childhood professionals, Corneille has already recorded more than 67,000 downloads. In September 2021, a new platform will be available for professionals, in order to facilitate the use of the application in the classroom.

An innovative and personalized concept

Corneille is based on classic methods of learning to read while promoting new technologies: thanks to artificial intelligence, each child receives content specifically adapted to his level. They can thus browse all six reading activities at their own pace, plus the possibility of drawing and accessing audio stories. The digital library includes original content as well as Bayard Presse and Milan texts.

Learn to read, step by step

To encourage the mechanism of learning and understanding reading, Corneille offers various illustrated educational games, with a very airy design. “We want children to have fun discovering sounds and letters independently. They will then have an easier time associating them ”, testifies Marianne, who has already been a French teacher:

  • Flowers: letter knowledge game and grapheme-phoneme association
  • Syllables: decoding game
  • Peas: dictation of words, which helps to strengthen the acquisition of deciphering
  • Memory: grapheme recognition game in different writings
  • Little train: reading of the first texts by registering to facilitate understanding of the text
  • Letters: fine motor skills, writing practice
  • Drawing: moment of creative freedom and preparation for drawing letters
  • Stories: strengthening vocabulary and syntax

Parental follow-up to motivate the child as a family

To support the progress of each learner-reader, Corneille has set up a “parental monitoring” tab, which provides access to information in a summary or more detailed manner. The opportunity for parents to have an overview of their child's level, their strengths and areas for improvement, the new skills acquired and the average daily time spent playing (the objective being to respect the 30 minutes of play). screen recommended per day by the report of the Academy of Sciences).

Corneille, how does it work?

At the very beginning of the adventure, a small demo allows you to test the child's level. Everyone is then free to navigate as they wish among all the content, to follow the exercises in the order proposed or not. The drawing activity and the digital library are accessible separately. After a first test phase, the application works by monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

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