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About École branchée ...

Made in Quebec, distributed throughout the Canadian Francophonie and beyond!

Since 1996, L'École branchée has been the #1 medium for teaching in the digital age! Its team offers a variety of ways to support the development of professional expertise of teachers, professionals and managers. Through its magazine published in French and English, its classroom activities and its continuing education service, it works to inspire those involved in the school environment so that they feel confident in better meeting the increasingly diverse needs of young people and promoting their success, today and for life.

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For the École branchée team, the challenges of teaching in the digital age are first of all human and relational.

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? Our pillars: Professional development | Digital competence

Our mission

École branchée is a non-profit media organization whose mission is to support the development of professional expertise of education actors in the digital age to promote educational success.

Our vision

An education in motion and recognized, which has the necessary expertise to meet the diverse needs of today's young people in order to promote their success and their development!

As a teaching medium in the digital age, École branchée develops and maintains an independent network enabling initiatives from the entire educational ecosystem (teachers / directors / professionals, public / private, primary / secondary, French-speaking / English-speaking) to meet in order to:
- promote the development and appropriation of current pedagogical and educational practices, in particular through digital technology;
- promote education, school and the teaching profession.

An organization with a strong social impact

As we know, education improves the life of every human being. It positively influences health, happiness and civic engagement, promoting the prosperity of societies (OECD). It must therefore benefit from all the necessary support and current advances to meet the increasingly diverse needs of learners. Every day, those involved in the school environment work to create a space where our young people feel listened to, welcomed and encouraged, whether they are present... or at a distance! Establishing a climate that is conducive to learning and overall development is all about the extraordinary bond that develops between teacher and student, as well as the trust that is built between the place of learning and families. This is something that is built and nurtured throughout the year, and yet it is to be restart at each back to school. This is why it is essential for us to contribute to maintaining the flame that animates all those who have the passion to see the young people entrusted to them flourish, who have the power to mark their lives forever and influence their future, and therefore that of our entire society!

In Quebec alone, nearly 100,000 teachers are preparing nearly one million students for the future. Considering that each flame lit with one teacher has a positive impact on dozens of students each year for the duration of his or her career... imagine if we could do it with thousands! This is a very stimulating promise of impact, knowing that École branchée's actions also inspire well beyond the borders by radiating throughout the Francophonie!

Our values

They inspire us every day!


🏹 The one that allows you to believe in your full human potential, the one that pushes you to undertake yourself in coherence with your values, to get off the beaten track and to dare to realize yourself.


🗝 The one that allows you to think, to dream, to stop time to taste this idea that, at first glance, seems far-fetched, and yet nothing and nobody can stop it. 


👣 The one that pushes you to try, to make mistakes, to adjust, to start over, but to always move forward; to take those first, unique, and timely steps.

Our team

A passionate team of ❤️ and ?!

Audrey Miller

Managing Director, Editor

Member of the Order of Excellence in Education, Audrey is the Executive Director of the NPO. With a DESS in educational technology and a bachelor's degree in public communication, she is particularly interested in current events related to professional development in education, digital literacy and the valorization of the teaching profession. She has been passionately involved in the educational ecosystem since 1997, this year more specifically on the board of directors of the Association Edteq (Entreprises pour le développement des technologies éducatives au Québec) and on the strategic communications committee of the ACELF (Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française). She also enjoys rabbits!

Read his articles here. >>

Stephanie Dionne

Director of Development

In addition to being the Director of Development and facilitator of the Rendez-vous pédagogiques at École branchée, Stephanie is recognized as the fairy godmother of coeducation in the digital age. As a certified NLP professional coach at The Family of My Life - Coaching, it supports parents in the supervision of screens by aiming for the autonomy of young people towards a healthy use of their digital device. She suggests drafting a parent-child contract that engages each party in the same direction.

See his interviews and articles here. >>

Martine Rioux

Editor-in-Chief and Special Projects Manager

Martine holds a bachelor's degree in communications and journalism and has written for various newspapers and magazines. She has extensive experience in interactive communication and has also worked as a political advisor in the office of the Minister of Digital Transformation. She is now a regular and essential contributor to École branchée!

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Consult his conferences and workshops >>.

Alexandra Coutlée

Director of Educational Innovation

Passionate about professional development and digital learning, Alexandra holds a DESS in Educational Technology and a Bachelor's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, as well as a Google Trainer certification (and many others!). She taught high school for 15 years before making the leap to educational consulting and then to coordinating educational services at École branchée. She loves to network and share her discoveries and is always in a learning posture!

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Check out his trainings here. >>

Laurie Couture

Pedagogical advisor - Coordinator of CréaCamp Discovery

Laurie is a high school French and social studies teacher who is passionate about innovation and professional development in education. She loves to discover, discuss and develop evidence-based practices related to technology. Using digital technology, she aspires to create projects and documents that respond to current trends and offer motivating approaches.

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Check out his trainings here. >>

Nicole Arsenault

Educational delegate of ❤️ and ?

Nicole is helping to increase the impact of École branchée's services, particularly in the English-speaking community in Quebec and beyond. Having grown up herself in a minority region, Nicole understands the challenges of having access to quality educational resources in the language of one's choice. Fluently bilingual, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and a Master's degree in Business Administration. A natural team player, she loves to accompany education stakeholders and share best practices in the implementation of technologies. Her engaging and caring personality means that decision makers and subscribers will be blessed to be around her! (And us even more! 🤩)

Karla Mora

Operations Coordinator

Karla has a Master's degree in Spanish and a degree in office automation, accounting and bilingual coordination. Like us, she is passionate about teaching and anything that supports the work of those in education. Her support work is essential (we wonder every day how we ever lived without her!) and she certainly deserves her honorary title of fairy!

Hélène Breau

Sales Assistant

Hélène is a person who loves to help others. As a sales assistant, she helps find solutions to all kinds of challenges to facilitate the work of our team and the happiness of our customers. In addition to loving humans, she is passionate about Dachshunds and shares her daily life with 5 of these adorable pooches, who love to wave at the camera during our meetings!

Laurianne Bellamy

Customer service fairy

Specialist in solving technical problems and administrative mysteries! We sometimes wonder who is really behind this avatar, but she certainly wears her fairy title!

Etienne Lopez

Virtual educational advisor

We are not always sure that he really exists, but he is always very good advice!

Our authors, trainers and main collaborators

They are part of our DNA!

Fatimazzahra Benchekri


Fatimazzahra is a master's student in educational technology at Laval University. Passionate about reading and writing, she has decided to devote her time to writing in a field in which she feels she is growing, education. With a background in journalism and political science, Fatimazzahra sees education as an ever-changing field where anyone is welcome to share their ideas and motivations.

André Magny


For more than 30 years, André has traveled back and forth between journalism and teaching French to teenagers and adults alike. Freelance freelance writer for various media including Francopresse, he was also a cultural journalist at Law in Ottawa and in charge of new technologies at Soleil de Québec. He also did sports journalism in France. He has a weakness for the Francophonie, culture, sports, cuisine and politics.

Read his articles here. >>

Marc-André Girard


Holder of a bachelor's degree in humanities education (1999), a master's degree in history teaching (2003) and a master's degree in educational management (2013), Marc-André is currently a doctoral candidate in administration school. School principal, author and lecturer, he specializes in change management in schools as well as in leadership. He is also interested in 21st century skills to be developed in education.

Read his articles here. >>

Mrs Prof


She holds a bachelor's degree in education and is currently a candidate for a master's degree in education. She is involved with various organizations in order to equip teachers and improve the various facets of teaching and learning in Quebec.

Read his articles here. >>

Phylippe laurendeau


For 25 years, the biologist, teacher, educational advisor and now technopedagogue has accumulated a rich and diversified experience in education. In her texts, Phylippe uses her background and her passion for digital resources, efficient practices and distance learning.

Read his articles here. >>

Victoria Ceriani

Instructional designer

Victoria is a student in the Special Education program. Already working in remedial education, she loves creating activities to add her own twist to her work with students. Her greatest passion is education and she plans to explore all the facets that encompass this field.

Marie-Andrée Ouimet


Marie-Andrée puts her passion for health, technology and personal growth at the service of people who want to be the best version of themselves. Also known as Coach MAO, she accompanies adults on a daily basis in their personal and professional development. Inspiration, a sense of self-efficacy, a growth mindset and self-improvement are at the heart of her approach and mission.

Jocelyn Dagenais


A graduate in mathematics and computer science teaching at the secondary level, he is now a pedagogical consultant. He is interested in the integration of ICT in secondary mathematics and gives various training sessions on the subject as well as on the evaluation of math skills and the application of the training program. He is also an ambassador for the Desmos software.

Annie moreau


A high school physical education teacher, she is also known as La Prof d'Éduc on social networks! She loves new challenges and is always full of ideas. During the pandemic, she created a variety of activities to encourage young people to stay active. Her experience has allowed her to create interesting digital tools for PE teachers, even for face-to-face classes.

Jacques Tardif


Jacques Tardif is a professional musician (double bass, electric bass) and an experienced teacher. He has been teaching music since 1990 at the Laval Junior Academy. In 2007, Jacques was named Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS). Since then, he has traveled across Canada to give conferences and trainings on the integration of Apple technologies in the world of education.

Sylvain Desautels


Sylvain integrated technology into the classroom at several levels before becoming a pedagogical advisor in digital integration and obtaining a master's degree in education, concentration in educational technology. He is now a specialist in technopedagogy at Chenelière Éducation. His fields of interest range from learning assessment to the intelligent, relevant and effective integration of technology in the classroom, including research in neuroeducation and teacher coaching.

Alexandra Bernier


Apple Distinguished Educator 2015, Google Certified Teacher, Apple Teacher, High School Science and Math Teacher.

Board of directors

They help us to write our history

Francine Bouchard

Secretary - treasurer

Now retired, she has worked as an administrative consultant and municipal councilor in Sainte-Foy, in addition to sitting on the board of directors of the National School of Public Administration. She also served as editor-in-chief of École branchée magazine in the mid-2000s.

Marc Boutet


A graduate in business informatics, he is president of the company De Marque, a leader in the distribution of digital cultural content, mainly digital books. Already well established in Canada, France, Italy and Spain, the company catalyzes the strengths of an international and multilingual network of more than 1,600 partners in more than 40 countries.

Audrey Miller


A member of the Ordre de l'excellence en éducation du Québec with a graduate degree in educational technology and a bachelor's degree in public communications, she has been involved in initiatives to stimulate the ongoing professional development of teachers in relation to digital technology and educational innovation since 1999. She is involved in organizations dedicated to school success and the promotion of education, notably as a member of the board of directors of the Association Edteq and as a member of the strategic communications committee of the ACELF.

Shawn young


Co-founder and CEO of Classcraft. Shawn has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in education from the University of Sherbrooke. He taught high school science for 9 years, during which time he was also a lecturer at the BEPP and educational advisor. Invited four times to the American White House to give his opinion on education, he was recently appointed Ambassador of the Faculty of Education of the University of Sherbrooke.

And a whole network of ambassadors and occasional collaborators without whom we could not achieve such great things - thank you! We think of : Josée Tardif, Marie-Michèle Bouchard-Roussin, Kate-Lyn Lapointe, Xavier Normand, Guy Bergeron, Judith Cajelais, Valérie Harnois, Karine Turcotte, Myra Auvergnat-Ringuette, our wonderful authors, and we know we're forgetting...

To join us

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As an all remote work team, we do not have a phone line. Reach us by email first and we'll get back to you if we can't help you otherwise.

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L'École branchée (online): ISSN 2368-058X
Published in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury (QC, Canada) Since 1996!

Our history

Infobourg The " Education Infobourg »Was the precursor of this whole adventure. This website was created in April 1996, at the initiative of Clément Laberge (then a high school teacher) and André Girard (then a professor at Cégep de Sainte-Foy). At the time of its creation, the Infobourg's mission was already to promote "the educational resources of the Quebec infobourg". See here a memory of July 10, 1997! At theAQUOPS, in April 1996, the Infobourg map presented 140 Quebec websites related to the world of education. After the creation of the September media company, a book, the InfoductIn 1997, this poster was complemented by the establishment of quality criteria for an educational Web site.

Shortly thereafter, in April 1998, the publication of the magazine Chronicles of the Infobourg, become the École branchée in April 2000.

Between 2000 and 2012, Infobourg is edited by Brand, a company specializing in the distribution of educational resources and digital books. Its editorial direction has been entrusted to Audrey Miller from 2002 to 2004, to Martine Rioux from 2004 to 2010, then to Catherine Houle in 2011. A little later in the year, it's Nathalie Cote who succeeded him, with the occasional participation of Julie beaupre until the end of the 2012 school year.

During the 2012 summer vacation, another page of history was turned. Indeed, De Marque has sold the brands École branchée, Infobourg, SCOOP! and Picto at the non-profit organization École branchée and EngagED Learning, newly led on a mainly volunteer basis by Audrey Miller (who finally became the first full-time employee on July 2, 2018!). In March 2015, the site officially gave way to, at the same time harmonizing the activities of the print magazine and the online magazine.

It was in 2017, following a meeting between École branchée and passionate teachers from Mont-Saint-Sacrement high school (Maxime Pelchat, Pierre-Olivier Cloutier and Sarah Shallow-Tardif), that training continued CréaCamp was born. The first edition took place on May 18, 2017. In 2017-2018, no less than five other editions took place. In 2018-2019, we went to 10 annual editions! It is also in 2017, during the REFER, that were shot the first Educational meetings, a series of meetings with inspiring players in the world of education.

On November 29, 2018, the department École branchée on the family is launched. It aims to support parents in the digital world and facilitate communication between them and teachers around the success and development of young people.

In August 2021, the first issue of the English edition of École branchée magazine was published. Engaged Learning offers translated and adapted content as well as content prepared exclusively for the English-speaking educational community. 

Our team also has plenty of other ideas for the future!

Thanks to authors of the site and our precious partners! … And to all the employees who contribute by their texts and opinions to enrich the educational Web in this digital age!