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3rd Digital Education Day: it's time to register

The third edition of Digital Education Day (JNÉ) will take place on Friday, November 5. This virtual event, organized by the Quebec Ministry of Education, is now considered a must-see for all stakeholders in the school environment. It is possible to consult the program and to register now.

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The third edition of the Digital Education Day (JNE) will take place on Friday, November 5. This virtual event, organized by the Quebec Ministry of Education, is now considered a must-see for all stakeholders in the school environment. It is possible to consult the program and to register now.

During the first edition, which took place in Quebec City in 2019, nearly 500 teachers and education professionals gathered. In 2020, pandemic obliges, the event took place online, which allowed more than 6,240 participants to attend. We can therefore speak of phenomenal growth, but above all of a democratization of the event. Thus, people from all over Quebec were able to take part in one or other of the activities.

For this third edition, the online formula is maintained. It is therefore possible to expect another (virtual) crowd success. 

Registrations have been open for a few days. Do you want to participate? You must first register for the entire day. Subsequently, as some workshops are open to a limited number of participants, you will need to register for each one you want to attend. 

The day will run from 9 a.m. to 4:25 p.m. After a word from the Minister of Education and an opening conference, four blocks of workshops will be offered to participants. With 8 different workshops per block, there will be something for everyone. 

Laurie Couture, pedagogical advisor at École branchée, will present in particular during the Block A workshop The digital work plan to learn at your own pace. Workshops on cybersecurity, programming, robotics and collaboration are also on the schedule. It will also be a question of individualized distance education, the remote evaluation process, the mobilization of school teams in the digital transformation, active pedagogy and much more.

All the programming is announced on the site and a digest is offered here in PDF.

Can't participate in all the workshops that interest you? Note that all “conference” -type workshops will be available on the Department's YouTube channel as of November 10.

The objective of the JNÉ is to improve the supply of training resources for school staff, both in the public school network and in those of private schools and Aboriginal education organizations. This training day is an opportunity to train in the educational use of digital technology and to share innovative professional practices. It is part of the implementation of the Digital Education Action Plan.

About the Author

Martine Rioux
Martine Rioux
After studying public communication, Martine worked as a journalist for various publications, before pursuing her career as an interactive communications consultant at La Capitale, a financial group, then at Québec Numérique, an organization she took over as general manager before making the jump. as political advisor in the office of the Minister for Digital Government Transformation. Today she is the online Editor-in-Chief and Special Projects Manager at l'École branchée. Her dream: that everyone has access to technology and can use it as a tool for learning and opening up to the world.

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