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Great albums for ages 4 to 8

Scholastic Editions offer real gems in their 2013 novelties. Here are three that are aimed at beginner readers.

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Scholastic Editions offer real gems in their 2013 novelties. Here are three that are aimed at beginner readers.

I won't read this book
4 to 8 years
By Cece Meng, French text by Isabelle Montagnier
Illustrations by Joy Ang
Scholastic Editions, 9.99 $, 32 color pages

A little boy comes up with a bunch of particularly crazy excuses not to read a book! In the end, he will only agree to read it if his mom reads it with him. The publisher proposed this story on the occasion of Family Literacy Day on January 27, but the question is a good one every other day: do you read with your children? Here is certainly a good idea to start ...


The ant and the grasshopper
4 to 8 years
By Rebecca Emberley, French text by Françoise de Guibert
Illustrations by Ed Emberley
Scholastic editions, 10.99 $, 40 color pages

Here is another of those ants whose valor Aesop praised in the famous fable of the cicada and the ant. This time, on the other hand, the ant allows itself a moment of respite to hear the music of a group of insects on its way and falls under the spell! The melodious sounds and the festive spirit will help her carry her heavy load home.

In this tale, the American author-illustrator duo wanted to pay tribute to the people of New Orleans, with whom he fell in love during a trip. And it is the young readers who will benefit from it ...


Whirlwind of actions
4 to 9 years old
By Steve Metzger, French text by Hélène Pilotto
Illustrations by Janan Cain
Scholastic Editions, 9.99 $, 32 color pages

Discover, participate, love, persevere… these are some of the positive behaviors highlighted in this charming book. It aims to help children recognize and derive satisfaction from the actions they take. “My actions say a lot about who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. At the very end, we suggest some ways to continue the discussion with the child.


Win a set including each of these three books for your class!
Congratulations to Stéphanie Fréchette, from St-Édouard school, who won the draw!

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