Vibot the robot - Learning computer code: child's play!

QUÉBEC, May 25, 2016 / CNW Telbec / - Les Publications du Québec of the Center de services sociaux du Québec announces the publication of Vibot the robot, the very first book in Quebec that introduces children to programming and robotics. Parents and teachers are also challenged by this book, which allows everyone to acquire basic notions in computer coding.

Vibot the robotis the story of twins Viviane and Victor, who receive a robot as a gift for their birthday. They decide to call him Vibot. Before they can play with him, the twins must put his pieces together, charge his batteries, and give him instructions in the robot's language: programming.

This illustrated album allows you to discover programming and develop digital creativity. Available in French and English, the book is intended for readers aged 7 and over. The reader will use the programming blocks on the Scratch platform, visual programming software developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The blocks of code can be put together like the pieces of a puzzle.

Coding at school

Nowadays, the technology sector is an important engine of our economy and learning the basics of computer language is becoming essential. After French and mathematics, computer programming, also known as "coding" or "code", is the new subject to be taught to children.

The code has become a global and unifying movement, especially for elementary school children.

In Great Britain and Estonia, the code has become a compulsory subject from primary school onwards. British Columbia followed suit at the start of 2016: all elementary school children will have the chance to learn the basics of computer coding starting in September.

The Hour of Code movement has been around for two years in the United States and an unprecedented coalition of partners is supporting this initiative including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the College Board. In Quebec, the trend is taking shape.


Margarida Romero is a professor in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Laval University. Its research and teaching activities aim to develop the creative uses of technology, in particular through educational robotics and the participatory creation of digital games.


Loufane is an illustrator specializing in children's literature. Inspired by the funny and touching world of children, she has to date illustrated some thirty books for various publishing houses, both in Canada and in Europe. She has also collaborated in the production of video games for various studios in Quebec.

Vibot the robot is available in French and English on the Publications du Québec website at, or at your bookseller for 8.95 $. It is also available in PDF version for 5.95 $.

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