Ubisoft Education: Official launch of the program and Quebec-wide partnership

Ubisoft's Canadian studios visited École Ste-Gertrude, located in the Montreal-North Borough, to launch the Ubisoft Education program and announce a brand new partnership with the Technoscience Network.

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Montreal, December 10, 2018 - The Canadian studios of Ubisoft visited École Ste-Gertrude, located in the Montreal-North Borough, to launch the Ubisoft Education program and announce a brand new partnership with the Technoscience Network.

This two-year partnership will make it possible to make 300 free placements of digital kits in elementary schools (220), youth centers and public libraries in Quebec (80). With them, 8,000 young people will be able to be introduced to programming.

Developed by the Technoscience Network in collaboration with the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, these digital kits help develop computational thinking, work on logical reasoning and introduce computer concepts to young people in a fun context.

"We are pleased to support the Technoscience Network in the deployment of its digital kits free of charge in elementary schools, youth centers and libraries in Quebec", said Mr. Mallat.

“We are proud to partner with Ubisoft to distribute our digital kits throughout Quebec. Thanks to Ubisoft Education's support, the Technoscience Network is able to make coding initiation accessible to even more young people aged 6 to 17 ”, underlines Ms. Marthe Poirier, Executive Director of the Technoscience Network.

Ubisoft Education

With its new Ubisoft Education program, the company is stepping up its support for organizations specializing in education which, in turn, support the work of teachers to prepare young people in Quebec for the professions of the future. The initiatives supported by Ubisoft Education will be deployed in several regions of Quebec and throughout the school career of young people.

Ubisoft Education has three objectives: to attract more young people in disciplines related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, to support the development of young people's skills in these disciplines and to diversify the talent pool in technology in Quebec.

Experts estimate that 85 % of the trades of 2030 have not yet been invented. Children who started school in 2018 will be 18 in 2030. It is important to prepare them for the technological challenges that lie ahead. "We estimate that from 2019, we will reach more than 10,500 young people annually through the initiatives supported by our program", added Yannis Mallat.

With Ubisoft Education, Ubisoft studios will breathe new life into the work started in 2004 with the Ubisoft Campus and other education initiatives introduced over the years. Between 2015 and 2022, more than 12M$ will have been invested in education by Ubisoft and thousands of hours of employee involvement will have been devoted to initiatives in favor of the next generation.

Ubisoft Education partners

Preparing the next generation for the professions of the future is no small task. Ubisoft therefore joins forces with partners such as Kids Code Jeunesse, Fusion jeunesse, the Fondation de la Commission scolaire de Montréal, the Technoscience Network, Technovation Montréal, Academos, the universities of Quebec which participate in the Ubisoft University Competition and the scholarship program and of Ubisoft Education internships.

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