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It's Friday, here are the news of the week! We are talking about: fall magazines, the start of the RÉCIT, croquinote, France-Quebec call for projects, resources for distance education, postponement of the SPHQ congress, Beaubois blue basket, eco-citizenship and the start of EscouadeEdu!

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Here are some things that caught my interest this week!

1- Release of fall education magazines

Back to school rhymes with the publication of new issues of magazines for teachers and education professionals. Here are 2 not to be missed.

First of all, the École branchée (TA-DAM !!) launched its fall issue this week, which talks about general culture in the service of education, a superb collaboration with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), and lessons from COVID-19 (in collaboration with the RÉCIT of private education). “The current pandemic is causing great upheaval all over the world. The urgent shift towards distance education this spring made it necessary to focus on basic subjects. But how can we avoid putting culture and the arts aside in the event of a second wave? " We can get this number here.

And our colleagues from Education Canada are also announcing the upcoming release of their fall edition, on the theme of stress at school. “School is a learning environment, but it is also a work environment. In this issue, we look at the stress of primary and secondary school staff and students as two sides of the same coin. We address the realities of staff burnout through personal accounts drawn from personal experiences, examine the relationship between staff stress and student stress, and offer new perspectives and methods to alleviate it. "In the meantime, we can consult a flip edition of the latest issue on skilled trades.

2- The RÉCIT makes its comeback

As always, the RÉCIT's August newsletter includes a wealth of useful information for teachers.

Social universe, history: A webinar "Appropriating the period 1840 to 1896" intended for teachers and educational advisers who have access to the online course in the history of Quebec and Canada in their school service center will be available soon.

Languages, English as a second language: See the new online course of English as a second language for Secondary V students, designed with the RÉCIT national distance education service.

Distance learning: The RÉCIT national distance training service invites you to discover these two pages of its website: " Design guide distance learning (preliminary version) "and" Moodle and Google G Suite, a choice or a synergy? ".

Preschool education: To discover, the new digital portfolio, a Quebec product, in French, hosted at the GRICS company, in Montreal. “It allows teachers to support their observations, their judgment, their evaluation process. It is a complement to the bulletin. It provides added value compared to paper format, since it allows the integration of sound files, photos, drawings and even video sequences. »The RÉCIT also offers its 2020-2021 calendar for TNI!

Webinars and training : Finally, we can see or re-watch the many webinars of RECIT training in various fields.

3- Did you say croquinote? (or sketchnoting?) Here are some trainings to know!

This visual note-taking technique is gaining in popularity. It adds an artistic touch to traditional note taking. The STD STORY offers online training on this subject, and the US STORY also offers one. If you prefer live training, know that this training will be offered on October 23 and November 20 in CréaCamp format.

Croquinote, sketch-note, sketchnoting… so many ways to talk about a technique that is both fun for your students… and for you!

4- Call for projects from the Permanent Commission for Franco-Quebec Cooperation

The general call for projects for the 68e session of the Permanent Commission for Franco-Quebec Cooperation (2021-2022 and 2022-2023) is currently open, applications will be accepted until Friday, October 30, 2020. The aim of institutional cooperation is to encourage the development of new projects between French and Quebec partners. 🇫🇷

Priority themes have been set according to government priorities (priority will also be given to initiatives linked to the management of the COVID-19 health crisis and post-crisis economic and social recovery). Education, youth and sport is one of the axes.

5- Resources to take the turn of distance education

As we know, it is far from obvious for many teachers to think that there is a possibility of having to return to teach at a distance eventually. To prepare a little, you can, if you are more comfortable, browse our article archive related to this theme for inspiration. And a little secret: the winter issue of professional education magazine École branchée will include a lot of resource and strategies on this. It's a good time to subscribe 😉

Otherwise, whatever may be said, the fact remains that a reassuring first step for all teachers would be to consider, if it has not already been done, the Teluq online training (although it is adapted to the Quebec context, it welcomes teachers from everywhere).

And of course, why not browse the lineup for the next CréaCamp trainings École branchée?

6- Postponement of the congress of the Society of Quebec history teachers

The 58e SPHQ convention is postponed to March 19, 2021 and will take place at the Delta Marriott Trois-Rivières Hotel. You can find all the details on the congress site.

7- The Beaubois blue basket

In order to support its entrepreneurs (former graduates and parents of students who currently attend it), the Beaubois College Foundation recently launched the Beaubois Blue Basket. This is a website that showcases them in return for their financial support from the College Foundation. Already, 15 partners from the Beaubois community have chosen to embark. Is this a model that will make babies elsewhere?

8- Outaouais: Ecocitizen schools at a distance!

As part of the solar re-entry 2020, the organization Enviro Educ-Action announces that its program Outaouais eco-citizen schools will be back virtually. The objective of this program is to support Outaouais schools in improving their environmental record and creating sustainable development projects. 

9- The return of EscouadeEdu!

Our friends from EscouadeEdu are preparing the very first edition of their event EDU squad live. They promise us strategies, guests and surprises. Registration for this “VIP experience” begins September 8 and there will be only 100 seats. We can follow the details of their Facebook page. We can't wait to find out more!

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