2013-2014 FCSQ Award of Excellence - School boards, innovative educational approaches

On the occasion of the gala to kick off its conference, which took place on June 12 and 13 on the topic Qualified student. Added value, the Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) proudly awarded its 2013-2014 Awards of Excellence to the Chic-Chocs, La Capitale, Rives-du-Saguenay and De La Jonquière, Découvreurs, from the Estuary, Laval and the Vallée-des-Tisserands.

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Press release - On the occasion of the gala to kick off its conference, which took place on June 12 and 13 on the theme Qualified student. Added value, the Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) proudly awarded its 2013-2014 Award of Excellence to the Chic-Chocs, de la Capitale, Rives-du-Saguenay and De La Jonquière, Découvreurs, Estuaire, Laval and Vallée-des-Tisserands school boards.

The projects awarded this year are projects that put forward innovative educational approaches. The FCSQ received more than a hundred applications, testifying to the pride of school boards in sharing their successes. The gala was held under the honorary presidency of chef and columnist Jean Soulard, and students from the Découvreurs and Première-Seigneuries school boards provided the artistic performances for the evening.

Preschool and primary

This is the project Garden at school, from Notre-Dame-des-Neiges elementary school, which earned the Commission scolaire des Chic-Chocs the prize in the category General education for young people in preschool and elementary school. With this project, the 26 students of the school are brought to participate in all stages of the production of a collective garden, from the choice of seedlings to the harvest. They also have the pleasure of cooking and tasting products from the garden. This project not only promotes cooperation, mutual aid and collaboration with the community, but also encourages healthy lifestyles.


The project The Toqués de Brébeuf, of Jean-de-Brébeuf high school, enabled the Commission scolaire de la Capitale to win the Excellence Award for General education for young people in high school. All the students of the school took part in a great culinary challenge inspired by the popular show “Les Chefs”. A gourmet banquet crowned the experience.

Professional training

This is the project Zigzag event, I'm making my way which deserves the Rives-du-Saguenay and De La Jonquière school boards to be recipients of the Excellence Award in the category Professional training. In partnership with two CEGEPs and the university in the region, these school boards have brought together the training offer under one roof. Thus, students can have access to all programs related to their tastes and interests.

Adult education

The project awarded in this category is called To each their own color: an integrated approach for a diverse clientele of the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs. Noting that it serves a heterogeneous clientele with varied training needs, the school board decided to develop an approach based on the level of professional projection of the students.

School board services

The category price School board services was awarded to the Educational Services of the Estuary School Board for its project Choice Week. This is a complement to guidance initiatives, the main objective of which is to allow students to explore trades and professions related to their fields of interest, their personality, their skills in order to make an informed choice. . During this week, students can visit information kiosks and interact with people working in trades and professions related to a theme. The project also aims to counter the exodus of young people.

Heart stroke

Our Heart stroke of the jury Prize of excellence was awarded to the Commission scolaire de Laval for its project Help in the horticultural environment. This is a program for students with special needs, but with a high potential for integration into regular employment.

Special mention

Due to the theme of the conference, which deals with workforce training and qualification, the FCSQ awarded special mention to a second vocational training project. This is the new course Entry into vocational training of the Vallée-des-Tisserands School Board, which adequately accommodates new students in vocational training and promotes their interest in persevering and their success.

Special notebook

With a view to promoting public schools, the seven recipient school boards will see their project published on the daily newspaper's website. La Presse, The sun, The Nouvelliste, The right, The Daily, The gallery and The Voice of the East in sections kiosk and special file from June 14 to 26.

The Federation of Quebec School Boards brings together the vast majority of French-language school boards in Quebec as well as the Commission scolaire du Littoral. School boards are local governments that ensure the academic success of more than one million students by providing educational services at the elementary, secondary, vocational training and adult levels. They also offer efficient and essential services, particularly in terms of human resources and material and financial resources. In addition, school boards are responsible for distributing resources equitably between their establishments and making safe school transportation accessible at all times.

SOURCE Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ)

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