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Druide informatique announces several new features related to its popular writing assistance software, Antidote.

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Communicated - Druide informatique announces several new features related to its popular writing assistance software, Antidote, including two new products.

In fact, Druid announces Antidote +, a unified and simplified way to use your writing assistance software on all platforms. From a single package, Antidote + offers Antidote's corrector, dictionaries and guides on virtually all computers, phones and tablets, including Android and Chromebook.

Offered as an annual subscription, Antidote + gives access to all applications in the Antidote range. This includes:

  • Antidote 10, which installs locally on Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Antidote Mobile, which can be installed locally on iPhone and iPad
  • Antidote Web, which provides access to Antidote's many linguistic tools (corrector, dictionaries and writing guides) from a web browser from any computer, tablet, phone or Chromebook. This is also the first time that the general public has access to Antidote Web.

Antidote + is available in two packages: Personal or Family (5 people). This new offer replaces the Accès Tout Antidote service; subscriptions to this service will automatically be converted into an Antidote + Personal plan.

For more details, see the press release.


In addition to this announcement, Druide has also published several updates for:

  • Antidote 10 v5
    • A version in which the dictionaries are enriched with more than 5,500 new words and phrases in French and English. A work of revising identity words and expressions was also carried out.
  • Antidote Mobile 4
    • This edition (available on iPad and iPhone) offers for the first time a bilingual version, that is to say with all the French and English content of the dictionaries and guides, and more than 2.6 million translations of words and of expressions.
    • The French and English versions have also been enhanced with new words and articles.
  • Antidote Web
    • This version is now suitable for smart phone screens.

Computer Druid produces and markets Antidote, the largest writing assistance software for French and English, as well as Tap'Touche, the famous keyboard typing software. She also created the WebElixir service, which oversees the quality of websites. In addition to these applications, its sales team distributes the books of Éditions Druide, a subsidiary whose mission is to publish literature and reference works.

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