A joint dossier of L'École branchée and Carrefour education.

This dossier is about the digital book: description, formats and creation. Indeed, technological integration in schools raises a whole range of challenges and many teachers and managers are interested in digital books as a way of communicating information, but also as a support for student achievements.

This file will therefore make it possible to better understand the universe of the digital book as to its origin, its different facets as well as the software to make them, all this from the perspective of use in schools, with the advantages and disadvantages of each. way to create and distribute a digital book.


File plan:

- Introduction

- What is a digital book?
A little history
The birth of digital

- Digital book formats
Formats generated by word processing
The cross-platform document format (PDF)
HTML language
The EPUB format
Proprietary formats for e-readers
How to choose the right format

- Create your digital book
Word processing
Specialized publishers

- Some examples of digital books in schools
References and useful resources