École des Sentiers in Quebec receives honorable mention from the Canadian Education Association

Each year, the Ken Spencer Awards, presented by the Canadian Education Association (CAOT), recognize innovative school programs that enhance youth learning.

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Each year, the Ken Spencer Award, awarded by the ACE (Canadian Education Association), recognize innovative school programs that improve youth learning.

The winners of the 2014 edition are distinguished by a decompartmentalization of the subjects taught. The classroom space then extends beyond the school walls and students can see the applications of their learning in their daily lives.

Among these, the École des Sentiers, of the Commission scolaire des Première-Seigneuries, located in Quebec City, received an honorable mention thanks to the following project:

Educational discoveries - The mission of motivating at-risk learners

This tailor-made course has been designed for students who have chosen not to engage in an optional profile offered at school: some of them are struggling with difficulties related to behavior, attention deficit, lack of commitment and low motivation. In short, these students are likely to drop out. By means of a program accompanied by original and motivating incentives, the pupils take part in a series of "missions" throughout the school year, requiring them to work as a team, to find together solutions to problems. problems and create a learning environment in the classroom, including through the social media tools available to them. To date, the results show that many students who were experiencing major difficulties are on the way to becoming independent and that they have gained self-confidence. The best part is that they even come to like school!

Other 2014 Ken Spencer Award Winners

First price : Block X (The X-Block), Len Wood Middle School - North Okanagan-Shuswap School District, Armstrong, CB

Second Prize: Building the future (Building Futures), George McDougall High School - Rocky View Schools, Airdrie, Alta.

First honorable mention: Renewal of Oskayak high school, Oskayak High School - Greater Saskatchewan Catholic Schools, Saskatoon, Sask.

Second honorable mention: See otherwise (Through Different Lens), Princess Margaret Secondary School - Okanagan Skaha School District

Third honorable mention: The future forum (The Futures Forum), Waterloo Region District School Board, Kitchener, Ont.

Fourth honorable mention: We are all bound by a treaty (We Are All Treaty People), Palliser Heights School - Prairie Southe School Division, Moose Jaw, Sask.

We find on the site Ken Spencer Award a description of each winning project. Congratulations to each of the winners of this edition!

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