École branchée is involved with the Cultural Lab

The École branchée's mission is to promote innovative approaches and creative digital projects that allow educational players and students to develop a range of skills. It is with this in mind that we got involved with Culture pour tous as a jury for the Cultural Lab.

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The École branchée's mission, day after day, is to promote innovative approaches and creative digital projects that allow students to develop a range of skills and thus meet the challenges specific to the 21st century. It is with this in mind that we got involved with the organization Culture for all as a jury of Cultural Lab, an incubator for innovative cultural and digital projects.

Culture for all

Culture pour tous aims to contribute to the recognition of the arts and culture as essential dimensions of individual and collective development by promoting the participation of citizens in cultural life. For more than 20 years, the organization has multiplied the ways and opportunities to promote culture in all spheres of activity, from schools to the workplace.

The Cultural Lab

One of these occasions is called the Culture Labl, a measure initiated in 2014 as part of the Quebec digital cultural plan of the Ministry of Culture and Communications. This initiative therefore makes it possible to place culture at the heart of digital environments, by supporting in several ways the approaches and projects that bring culture to life in a different way for citizens.

Innovative projects

Some 200 proposals were submitted to the Culture pour tous team with the intention of receiving financial assistance of up to 20,000 $ as well as support in the deployment of the various phases of the projects that would be selected.

Following an initial selection of candidates, a jury was formed to deliberate on the twelve proposals that stood out the most in the “Culture and education” category. This is where the expertise of École branchée would be used to judge, among other things, the innovation and the feasibility of the applications received.

These are therefore projects more ambitious than the others that were presented to us, with digital advances allowing the redefinition of tasks and where collaboration, creativity and communication are placed at the center of the learning process. Whether it is video mapping or documentary ballads, via an interactive platform From a theatrical creation or a digital experience based on a futuristic vision of climate change, each proposal had something innovative to offer and responded in an original and creative way to a targeted need.

The winning projects will be known by the end of February and you can then read them. here. Perhaps you will find there an idea that will inspire great achievements in your community?

In the meantime, continue to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to discover or appropriate culture and use digital (Google Arts and Culture, for example) to expand the exploration possibilities the world has to offer.

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