The École branchée is associated with the Quebec week of school daycare

The École branchée has forged a partnership with the Association québécoise de la garde scolaire in order to set up a special publication introducing the world of cinema to preschool and elementary students who attend school daycare services.

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Specializing in the creation of educational guides through SCOOP! (more than 600 available), the École branchée has forged a partnership with Quebec Association of School Day Care with the aim of setting up a special publication introducing the world of cinema to preschool and elementary school students who attend school daycare services.

Indeed, for the 2019 edition of Quebec School Daycare Week, cinematographic creation will be in the spotlight in a collection of activities entitled “School daycare is displayed! »And the École branchée has put its own digital touch to it in the design of three learning situations that will transform the students into true filmmakers.

For all educators who want to stimulate students' artistic creativity while making them collaborate, communicate and develop their computer thinking, the École branchée offers, first of all, to create a trailer worthy of Hollywood with the 'application iMovie. A "step by step" approach is provided to make this activity accessible to both beginners and initiates.

Then we invite learners to do stop-motion using the app Volume animation. Once again, a very complete description of the task is offered so that everyone is able to make the most of the moments of creation.

Finally, the teaching guide suggests making a video montage using a green background and the application Green Screen by Do Ink. Guaranteed success with this activity which will transport students to the world of their choice and highlight their talent as an actor or director. A tutorial is also available for each child to discover at their own pace the many facets of such a creative process.

Many creative possibilities are present in these learning situations which can be easily adapted to the age of the group and which will know how to shine the multiple talents of each child. These activities are therefore designed to highlight the daily lives of children in daycare services and to make them aware of the thousand and one projects that drive them.

You have access here in the collection of activities for the Quebec School Daycare Week which will be held from May 13th to 17th. In addition to the activities created by the École branchée, you will also have the chance to get your hands on six types of audiovisual presentations to broadcast student projects, learn how to create a projector, awaken your taste buds with food activities and improvise on the theme of cinema to bring out the actors in you.

To all the educators in school daycare, we say thank you for your dedication and wish you a week at the height of all the recognition you deserve.


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