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The In-Terre-Actif Network: a benchmark in citizenship education

The In-Terre-Actif Network team is not idle. Once again this year, it is offering dozens of educational projects on a host of subjects linked to citizenship and international solidarity: posters, slideshows, learning situations, booklets to print… To discover!

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The In-Terre-Actif Network team is not idle. Once again this year, it is offering dozens of educational projects on a host of subjects linked to citizenship and international solidarity: posters, slideshows, learning situations, booklets to print… To discover!

Like many organizations, the In-Earth-Active Network starts the 2012-2013 school year with a host of projects to offer to schools. When you visit the website, you hardly realize the scope of the work and the quantity of educational resources offered by this organization, which is intended as a tool for citizenship education aimed at making young people aware of current global issues and enable them to play a role in international solidarity.

The Network is mainly aimed at classes from 3e primary and secondary cycle. It offers educational material on themes related, directly or indirectly, to the exercise of citizenship and international solidarity.

Among the types of tools it offers are “educational kits”. These are collections of activities on various themes such as media education, recycling, globalization, child exploitation, etc. Among the new features are:
Educational kit "For a upright world"
Activities about human rights and the responsibilities that accompany them in Canada and around the world in a “stories of which you are the hero” format.

Educational kit “Do you know your rights? "
Another kit in the format of "stories of which you are the hero", this time on children's rights.

Then there are the educational albums. They are small booklets for students to print and distribute. The most recent topics covered by these albums are:
"Understanding in order to act: Children's rights"
"Understanding in order to act: Fair trade (reissued version)"
"Understand in order to act: Greenhouse gases"

Consult the section "Our tools by type", then " Slideshows and animations To find interesting "large" material to use on the interactive whiteboard. It deals with themes such as water, Islam, food by country, climate change, etc.

This is only a brief overview of what awaits you on the In-Terre-Actif Network website.

It is possible for teachers to become a member of the Network (it's free). Registration allows you to receive the monthly electronic newsletter, participate in contests, receive free of charge, depending on availability and level (primary or secondary), a copy of the new educational tools produced by the Network, as well as having priority for the reservation of solidarity photo exhibitions and to receive a certificate when participating in a solidarity campaign of the In-Terre-Actif Network.

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Audrey Miller
Audrey Millerhttps://ecolebranchee.com
Directrice générale de l'École branchée, Audrey détient une formation universitaire de 2e cycle en technologies éducatives et un baccalauréat en communication publique. Membre de l'Ordre de l'Excellence en éducation du Québec, elle s'intéresse particulièrement au développement professionnel des enseignants, à l'information à l'ère du numérique et à l'éducation aux médias, tout en s'activant à créer des ponts entre les acteurs de l'écosystème éducatif depuis 1999. Elle s'implique cette année notamment dans l'Association Edteq et en tant que membre du comité d'orientation stratégique de l'ACELF.

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