The first Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education: a successful bet

Many teachers, school administrators and education professionals from Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario gathered last Friday at Laval University for the very first Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education.

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Quebec, November 5, 2018. - Many teachers, school administrators and education professionals from Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario gathered last Friday at the ULaval Business Square - National Bank for the very first Conscious Entrepreneurial Education Congress.

Under the theme "Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation at school", this one-day Congress co-organized by Entrepreneurial education idea and Laval University brought together more than 150 people - young people, educators, leaders and partners of the Entrepreneurial Community School (ECE) - to reflect on the role of the school in the development of the entrepreneurial spirit . Through various workshops, inspiring conferences and testimonials, lively discussions and an educational fair highlighting innovative entrepreneurial projects, the delegates were able to share and deepen their experiences and knowledge in conscious, responsible and community entrepreneurship.

The participation of educational actors from schools and school boards from three provinces as well as that of representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Federation of Quebec School Boards, demonstrates the growing interest that exists in conscious entrepreneurial education. and the need to bring out real school-family-community ecosystems. 

Acting alone is NO LONGER the solution… never has it been so important to bring about a School guided by consciousness. On November 2, the various speakers at our first Congress demonstrated that anything is possible, and that Education can change the world! "- Rino Levesque, founder of Idea Entrepreneurial Education.

Young people in the foreground

Conscious entrepreneurial education seeks to engage children, youth and adults of all ages in their learning and to bring out their passions and talents. At the Congress, these were showcased in various ways: two children aged 6e years have acted as emcees, a young 8-year-old entrepreneur led a workshop and several other young people and adults participated in the educational fair in conscious entrepreneurship in order to share the projects experienced in class and in their community.

Towards an education of its time, more inclusive and more global

In a few weeks, a white paper will be published containing the main ideas that emerged from this day of discussions and reflections. Recommendations for schools and decision-making bodies in the world of education will also be presented. This white paper will serve as a working basis for the organization of the next edition of the Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education planned for October 24 and 25, 2019.

Event partners

The Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education was made possible thanks to the invaluable support of the Government of Quebec, Microsoft and École branchée.

About the NPO Entrepreneurial Education Idea

Entrepreneurial education idea provides educational environments with a team of passionate guides made up of teachers, school administrators and experienced professionals committed to the educational success of children, young people and adults of all ages. Their mandate is to support the appropriation of organizational and educational strategies favorable to the development of a conscious, responsible and community entrepreneurial culture. An overall approach that is carried out by means of a structuring and ecosystem-based “school-family-community” model, that of theEntrepreneurial community school. In order to showcase best practices and promote educational collaborations, Idée Éducation Entrepreneuriale runs the international network OIECEC, which brings together nearly 150 schools on three continents.

SOURCE: Entrepreneurial education idea

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