Launch of the website Towards a positive identity in the digital age

Launched on October 22, the site Towards a positive identity in the digital age is intended as a resource to equip teachers to guide young people in their use of digital technology towards the development of a positive digital identity.

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This October 22 was the launch of the site Towards a positive identity in the digital age, a creation of the Commission scolaire de Laval. Original idea by Maryse Rancourt and Patrick Fleury, RÉCIT facilitators and educational advisers in technology integration, this website is intended as a resource to equip teachers to guide young people in their use of digital technology towards the development of a positive digital identity.

Offering capsules as a starting point for discussions following the process of ethical reflection, encourages young people to take a step back from their interactions on social networks and the Internet.

We will not tell young people what is best, allowed or prohibited, rather we will accompany them in the development of their own capacity for judgment.


Primary school activities

The educational scenario for elementary school children presents two friends who follow a YouTuber, Bernie. Throughout the 6 capsules, students are invited to reflect on the different situations that arise in relation to the information they share on the internet, either via comments, publications or private messages, and the impacts that these situations have. can have. In the end, they are invited to reflect on the traces they leave on the web and to realize that as soon as they are online, they stay there. And this even if we erase them!

Activities for secondary school

As for our teenagers, the 6 proposed activities which are addressed to them are born in their daily life. Each capsule presents discussions between friends on different topics related to their use of social networks and digital. It is about freedom, freedom of expression, influence, credibility of sources, traces that we leave on the web and of course, digital citizenship! After completing all the activities, the young people will have taken a step back and become aware of the good practices to be had in order to be an informed digital citizen.

As you can see, these turnkey educational scenarios are very interesting for teachers of Ethics and Religious Culture to initiate ethical reflections in class, as well as for all those who wish to make their students aware of their digital identity.


If you want to share the great discussions you had with your young people in class, do not hesitate to communicate your productions. You might see them posted on the site!

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