The third edition of Edcamp Quebec will take place on May 15

Once again this year, Edcamp Quebec is back and registrations are open. This professional development day takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and allows participants to talk about educational issues that really interest the participants.

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This year again, Edcamp Quebec is back and registration is open. This professional development day takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and allows participants to talk about educational issues that really interest the participants.

The activity is aimed at both teachers, future teachers and other education professionals, mainly preschool, primary, secondary, public and private sectors. The subjects to be discussed are decided that morning by the participants, according to their interests.

The Edcamp formula is derived from "Barcamp", defined as Wikipedia : “A Barcamp is a meeting, an open non-conference that takes the form of participatory workshops-events where the content is provided by the participants who must, in one way or another, contribute something.

Movement Edcamp debuted in the United States and this year celebrates its 5e year of existence. These events are organized by volunteers who make sure to provide the premises and ensure a minimum of logistics for the participants. The same morning, a large table offering time slots and premises is broadcast. People are free to use them during the day to discuss topics that are important to them. For example, if you are having difficulty integrating the mobile tablet into your teaching, you write this topic on the board and the other interested parties join you at the agreed place and time to discuss it. This is the perfect opportunity to network and get your fill of good ideas.

Here are some examples of topics that were discussed last year:
- BYOD and device recycling for the benefit of students;
- How to finance school projects through crowdfunding
- The "smashing app"
- 3D printer
- Passage from secondary to CEGEP in terms of technologies
- Augmented reality in education
- How to evaluate differently within the framework of a 1 for 1 project?
- Effective use of TNI by students. How to use this tool well?
- Sharing cool applications for secondary school in all disciplines
- Explore the integration of the iPad for EHDAA students
- Sharing of apps and online resources “favorite” for elementary school
- etc.

The day will take place on May 15 at the Collège des Compagnons, Sainte-Foy sector in Quebec. People from everywhere are of course invited. The registration cost is 11 $ per person to cover lunch and snacks. Many door prizes will be drawn at the end of the day. About 150 participants are expected.

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