Hooked on School Days 2021 kick off: One moment. For them.

The theme of perseverance school days 2021, a campaign led by the Quebec Network for Educational Success which will run from February 15 to 19, is Un moment. For them. “We firmly believe that the support and recognition of their efforts by those around them, by the entire community, can make a difference in the pursuit of their studies. "

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Survey: Young people aged 6 to 18 persevere thanks to those around them, but their level of motivation depends on several factors

MONTREAL, Feb. 2021 / CNW Telbec / - Almost a year after the start of the pandemic, 70 % of Quebec parents surveyed believe that their children feel motivated about their educational path, reveals a Léger survey[1] conducted for the Quebec Network for Educational Success (RQRÉ). However, this probe shows that motivation is lower among high school students (63 %), 17 and 18 year olds (62 %) and those from families with lower income.

“In the past year, our young people have demonstrated an extraordinary adaptability and resilience that must be highlighted. Their school routine, their activities, their contacts with their teachers, their friends - landmarks so important in their world and for their development have been completely upset. They worked hard, every day. And we also know that this year is even more difficult for some of them. This is why the theme of the 2021 campaign, which will run from February 15 to 19, is One moment. For them. Says Audrey McKinnon, Hooked on School Days Campaign Director.

“We firmly believe that the support and recognition of their efforts by those around them, by the entire community, can make a difference in the pursuit of their studies. We will have to maintain collective efforts and work together to ensure that each young person can succeed, ”says Andrée Mayer-Périard, president of the RQRÉ.

Friends and family, at the heart of young people's motivation

Asked about the reasons that keep their young people motivated towards their studies, the parents surveyed identify the relationship with their friends (28 %) as the main source of motivation, followed by the support and encouragement of their family (22 %) as well as the achievement of a specific goal (19 %), such as the report card or an entrance exam for example. The motivating factors vary from one age group to another, however. According to their parents, half of 17-18 year olds are more likely to be motivated by achieving a goal, compared to 23 % among 12 to 16 year old students. For a third (33 %) of primary school students, the main source of motivation lies in their relationships with their friends.

A path strewn with pitfalls

Since the start of the new school year, certain challenges have shaken this motivation. More than half of parents (52 %) identify the lack of contact with their friends as the main issue facing their young people. The other challenges identified are stopping activities, sports and leisure for example (35 %), and maintaining their motivation for their studies (33 %). The obstacles encountered seem, once again, to differ according to age. In 40 % of 17 and 18 year olds, the main challenge is to stay motivated in their studies, which is also the case for 12 to 16 year olds (38 %). In children aged 6 to 11, it is not seeing their family (28 %) that seems to be the most difficult.

“Many students are affected by the effects of the pandemic and are currently facing challenges, especially in mental health. It is essential to implement the winning conditions by offering them all the resources they need in order to adequately equip them for their development and their academic success. I was also very happy to recently announce a series of adjustments made to the health measures in force in higher education establishments in Quebec, in order to allow our students to socialize and to break the isolation ”, indicates Danielle McCann, Minister of Higher Education.

Concerned, but committed parents

As a sign that the pandemic is difficult for everyone, the parents say they have also experienced some major challenges that can have an impact on the family climate. Among these are the stress and anxiety generated by the crisis (40 %), a lack of energy and ideas and the feeling of being overwhelmed (34 %) as well as the difficulty of reconciling family and teleworking (24 %). In addition, the survey tells us that 52 % parents are concerned about the delay of young people in their schooling caused by the pandemic.

Encouragingly, 76 % of parents feel that they can motivate their children during this more difficult passage and 63 % of parents believe that they have the necessary resources to support their children in their studies. However, this proportion drops to 55 % for families with a family income of less than 40,000 $.

Academic success above all

Despite the vagaries of the pandemic, perseverance in school remains at the heart of parents' priorities. A large majority (69 %) of parents see the end of the school year with hope and 89 % of respondents surveyed believe they have taken a moment to recognize their child's efforts during the pandemic. This fact gives full meaning to the theme of Hooked on School Days this year.

“Even if this school year is not easy for anyone, the data from this survey show the importance that those around young people take in maintaining their motivation and even, in their belief in their ability to achieve goals. that he or she has set. On these Hooked on School Days, I therefore invite all Quebecers to take a moment to highlight the remarkable efforts our students have made since the start of the pandemic. Let's show them how proud Quebec is of them! », Indicates Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education.

Programming of Hooked on School Days 2021

From February 15 to 19, several activities will be rolled out across Quebec thanks to the support and consultation of local and regional players. Many tools and webinars will also be offered to parents, practitioners and schools. In addition, on February 17 at 1 p.m., the Journées de la persévérance scolaire will offer a moment with Laurent Duvernay-Tardif to third cycle elementary and secondary students in Quebec during a virtual event. More than 175,000 students from more than 7,000 different classes are expected at this great gathering. In the company of surprise guests, Laurent will answer several questions that will have been formulated by young people. Finally, all employers in Quebec are invited this week to express on their networks their openness to welcoming post-secondary students in order to reassure them about their future in the labor market.

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About Hooked on School Days

For a third consecutive year, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is the spokesperson for the JPS. Celebrated every year in Quebec during the 3rd week of February and supported by the Quebec Network for Educational Success and the Regional Concertation Bodies (IRC), these days are an opportunity to remind us all that sometimes a simple gesture of encouragement to persevere can have a very significant positive impact. They also aim to remind students, parents, school network staff, employers and all national and regional players that they are all essential and have a role to play in the school perseverance of young people.

About the Quebec Network for Educational Success

The Quebec Network for Educational Success (RQRÉ), within which are grouped the 17 regional consultation bodies in academic perseverance and educational success (IRC), spread across the entire Quebec territory, is the fruit of the will of IRC to work in a concerted and collective manner, and to develop an efficient network that meets their needs. The mission of the Network is therefore to bring together and support the IRCs who act collectively in order to contribute, at the national level, to maintaining school perseverance and educational success at a high priority level and to put in place collective actions in order to contribute to increasing the graduation and qualification of young people in Quebec.

1 Web survey conducted among 1,566 parents of children aged 6 to 18 between January 18 and 31, 2021

SOURCE Quebec Network for Educational Success

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