On November 12, 2016, the girls learn to code!

On National Girls Learning Code Day, here is a fascinating activity for the girls in your class and their parents!

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On National Girls Learning Code Day, here is a fascinating activity for the girls in your class and their parents!

Learn programming ... Something tells you that this is a way forward for your students? Here is a great parent-child activity to suggest to them, at least for the girls!

With the organization Ladies Learning Code, women take the bull by the horns and learn about computer language. Moreover, on November 12, the national day Girls Learning Code, during which activities specially designed for young girls will be offered.

The non-profit organization explains: “During the 3e Day Girls Learning Code, hundreds of girls and their parents will come together in communities across Canada to learn a new skill together: how to create video games! "

Young girls invited to Quebec and Montreal

For example, in Quebec City and Montreal, on a Saturday afternoon, young ladies aged 8 to 13 who are new to programming will learn to build a video game using the Scratch language.

You can register until November 11. The suggested amount per participant (including the accompanying person) is 30 $, but it is possible to offer more. Also, one can also simply send a donation to show support for the initiative.

Girls Learning Code is a movement initiated by Heather Payne, the founder of Ladies Learning Code  in 2011. The youth component, less focused on learning the code itself, focuses more on the desire to change the world through teamwork, creativity and, of course, technology.

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[fac_icon icon = "arrow-circle-right"] Note: LLC is currently looking for a coordinator for Quebec City activities for the youth component, Kids Learning Code and Girls Learning Code. For more information, contact: quebeccity @



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