Teachers of French: Enter the Lexical Creativity Contest!

Press Release - High school French teachers are invited to participate with their students in the fourth Concours de créativité lexicale of the Office québécois de la langue française.

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News Release - Secondary French teachers are invited to participate with their students in the fourth annual Lexical creativity contest of the Office québécois de la langue française.

The words created by the participating classes should express the following concepts in French:

  • " Cottagecore " : Aesthetics based on an idealized vision of the country life of the past, associated with simplicity and comfort.
  • "On-brand : Refers to what is typically representative of a brand or public image.
  • "Porch piracy : The crime of stealing mail or a package that has been delivered to a residence and left outside the residence.
  • "Stream sniping : The practice of watching your opponent's live stream when playing a video game in order to gain an advantage over him or her, such as knowing their position or seeing their improvements.

Classes can also propose a word for any other concept for which there is no designation in French.

Teachers have until March 10 2023 to submit their class proposals.

The winning classes and neologisms will be announced in the spring of 2023. Winners will be awarded numerous pricewith a total value of over 5,000 $.

The words created during the contest could be integrated into the Language showcases new platform, and be distributed to millions of people around the world.


  • To register a class for the Lexical Creativity Contest, French teachers must review the settlement and fill in the form.
  • The Office québécois de la langue française provides French teachers with educational activities useful for conducting workshops to create neologisms, including a synthesis activity.   
  • Video vignettes with Pierre-Yves Lord and students from the 2022 winning schools were produced to introduce the new words to the public. You can view the videos by following the links below:
  • The 2022 Lexical Creativity Contest resulted in the inclusion of three new terms in the Grand dictionnaire terminologique :  
    • consciousThe term is used to describe a person who is aware that his or her actions today will have an impact on the future;
    • morpho-intimidationwhich refers to behaviours aimed at denigrating or humiliating a person because of their body appearance;
    • clear skywhich means a beautiful sunny day with a blue and cloudless sky.
  • Held for the first time in 2019, this contest aims to raise the interest of young Quebecers for the French language and its enrichment.

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