Bringing new educational trends to life in the community: A summit intended for school executives

From April 24-27, 2016, the uLead Education Leadership Summit, a professional development event for principals, will be held in Banff, Alberta.

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From April 24-27, 2016, the uLead Education Leadership Summit, a professional development event for principals, will be held in Banff, Alberta.

We often talk about the need for professional development of teachers, but what about that of school leaders? Apart from meetings between directors, consulting social media or reading books dedicated to education, there are few opportunities for further training. If teachers gain by expanding and cultivating their professional network by exchanging with actors from other schools, the same goes for executives. One of the events that makes leadership flourishing in schools possible is uLead, the Education Leadership Summit.

It is through an open and continuous dialogue, dealing with creativity and innovation, that teachers, directors of all levels, ministerial representatives in education and other administrators are invited to conferences, workshops, networking activities, etc. . The speakers and workshop leaders were chosen from among the most recognized players in the world to bring participants to go beyond their initial conceptions and come back nourished with ideas to feed the educational ecosystem of their community in order to effectively train the leaders of tomorrow.

In 2015, the event dealt with the challenges and issues related to educational reform around the world. In 2016, the 2e edition will take participants to explore new trends in education across the planet and look at how to bring them to life in their community. Providing tools to meet today's expectations is one of the objectives of this international summit. From confirmed presenters, note the presence of the professor and author Pasi sahlberg, of Simon breakspear and the technopedagogue Lise Galuga.

The event expects to welcome 1000 participants. Interested parties can register now via the uLead website.

The École branchée will have the chance to have eyes and ears there to report on it. It's a date!

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