Discover the Science Bunker: a team building experience

Do you know the Science Bunker? It's a place to discover! Located in Lévis, this site was designed by Zapiens, enthusiasts convinced that science must be part of the basic education of all Quebecers.

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Do you know the Science bunker? It's a place to discover! Located in Lévis, this site was designed by Zapiens, enthusiasts convinced that science must be part of the basic education of all Quebecers.

I had the pleasure of meeting them during the congress of AQEP at the end of November 2017. Their project has become, for me, the opportunity to live an extraordinary experience with the family, which also translates into a class group.

Chemistry bunker

During our visit, we took part in the “Chemistry Bunker” activity, intended for people aged 10 and over. We were immersed in the scientific universe of 2021. At the end of a 3rd world conflict, we became the actors of a post-apocalyptic scenario. We represented a handful of scientists charged with an essential mission: to prepare for renewal. A mission in which children and adults alike immediately feel invested. Dressed in our glasses and our lab coat, it was up to us, the Scientific Geniuses, to find the ideal place to rebuild society.

This is a great concept, a fun, educational and interactive activity to experience with the family and on a school trip. Guided by an experienced and, let's face it, extremely sympathetic scientific facilitator, the “Chemistry Bunker” puts participants in speed science mode. That's the case to say! We are called upon to perform five fascinating experiments in eight minutes. After each of them, we make our conclusions and then put our material away. Then, we attend impressive and fascinating chemistry demonstrations by the host. This universe amazed us, informed us and allowed us to team up as a family through this great challenge.

Objective: to strengthen ties and have fun

My goal with this outing was simple: to have fun with the family in order to strengthen our ties. Mission accomplished! It would also be experienced very well as part of a school trip!

It reminds me of team building. You know what it is? It is an approach used in some workplaces to improve relationships between colleagues. This approach can also be experienced as a family. To find out more, I spoke with Mélina Deschênes, psychosociologist, who set up NODE, the first organization that supports families using the benefits of team building.

“Team building is a time when you get out of your everyday life to forget everything else and be in the fun and in the present moment! That's really it: rediscovering the pleasure of being together, ”Mélina confirmed to me.

How to make a living from team building?

On the NOEUD website, you can register to receive free 10 simple and fun game sheets to play with the family or in class, inspired by team building. To do this, the first step is to get out of your daily routine, in order to disconnect from routine activities and concerns. And this daily life is often the classroom and its 4 walls!

Then, think about directing your attention to the quality of your presence. Step into the game and step out of your usual coaching role. In these moments, you will be able to discover the true nature of your students, their interests, and see them act spontaneously without fear of reprimand. You will start to hear the laughter and have a real fun being together. "Children learn through play, they don't need anyone to tell them what they need to learn, they learn to understand the world naturally," says Mélina Deschênes.

The clues to observe during the game #TEAMbuilding:

  • You won't see the time go by
  • You will have fun
  • You will hear laughter
  • You will feel a special bond with young people
  • You will feel calm and peaceful, the opposite of stress and performance
  • You will have a feeling of freedom
  • You will experience the absence of (physical) tensions and you will see the presence of collaboration
  • You will listen to your students spontaneously share their ideas to get to know them differently
  • You won't often hear yourself say "no!" "
  • You will not use the imperatives, you will rather be in the proposals
  • You will be proud to see your students take action
  • You will develop a better understanding of your students' world
  • You will trust your students
  • And more…

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Stephanie Dionne
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