Cooking with “classes”: a collaborative and creative cookbook!

Classes from everywhere who together create a digital cookbook: we present the Cooking with “classes” project, initiated by Karine Godin-Tremblay, 1st year teacher at St-David school, in Saguenay.

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Karine Godin-Tremblay, teacher of 1time year at St-David school, in Saguenay, is the initiator of the Cooking with “classes” project.

This digital book brings together several recipes developed and presented by students from different classes here and even elsewhere. The third edition will be available soon!

The genesis of the project

The project was born out of a desire to share knowledge and information about food online as part of Food Month. The idea of creating a digital cookbook therefore sprouted and the Twitter network allowed the class to Ms. Godin-Tremblay to find other classes interested in participating in the project.

The very first edition, in 2014, allowed 325 students from Quebec, Canada, France and Belgium to participate in this collaborative project. Ms. Godin-Tremblay explains in more detail about his class blog the genesis of it all.

To learn more about the first edition cookbook, take a look at this video presentation.


How the project works

To complete the collaborative book project, each participating class had to choose a recipe and put it in a shared folder on Google Docs. This recipe could be accompanied by a written commentary or a dynamic presentation using technological tools: trailer, advertisement, comic strip, quiz, report, “stopmotion” animation, radio program, etc. . Their only limits were time and imagination.

When all the recipes were collected, Ms. Godin-Tremblay took care of putting the book together and making it available online.

For the 2017 edition, a drawing competition was organized to illustrate the recipe book. Also this year, each class had to test a recipe from another class and comment on it in the handout, once again, creatively. Classes could chat on Twitter during the project using the hashtag #recetteseer.

To read all the details of the 2017 project, you can consult the presentation of Cooking with "classes", where all the steps are explained. There are also several presentation ideas to make, suggestions for technological tools to use to present recipes, and recipe and inspiration websites.

A unifying project rich in learning

Each group was free to create educational activities around the book project and Food Month in March.

According to Ms. Godin-Tremblay, this project allowed students to learn new recipes, develop their vocabulary around food, carry out research, make decisions, learn about healthy eating habits, open up to others, develop their creativity, collaborate virtually with other classes and learn about different technologies.

The teacher was able to inspire her students and other classes to eat healthy, to enjoy cooking and to discover new dishes!

To consult the books created during the first two years:


Will you take part in the next edition?

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