#Clair2018: Unravel the mystery of Clair's flame to See education differently!

Our director of development and facilitator of the Educational Rendezvous, Stéphanie Dionne, tells how she experienced her first participation in the Clair conference this year. At first enthusiastic but nervous, she came back moved and overwhelmed.

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Our director of development and facilitator of the Educational Rendezvous, Stéphanie Dionne, tells how she experienced her first participation in the Clair conference this year. At first enthusiastic but nervous, she came back moved and overwhelmed.

Edgy, enthusiastic, open and nervous at the same time: this is how I undertook my first trip to the Clair conference: Seeing education differently, in New Brunswick. I was curious to find out what made everyone who had been there on fire. Idealism, fad, dream of greatness, world of unicorns, this is what one might tend to think when listening to people tell about their time in Clair without having been there oneself. Deep down, none of this could match what was going on at the Haut-Madawaska Learning Center (CAHM). And today, the day after my return, I am still amazed!

I had the immense honor of meeting committed teachers (there were more than 300 on site) and meeting with some of them for the École branchée educational meetings (to be followed soon on our website!). Among these people, I even had the privilege of meeting our Minister of Education! I must admit that I was really nervous!

My meeting with Mr. Sébastien Proulx, a gift!

Apart from the words he used during this moment with me, what I liked, it is especially what you will not see during the interview. I met our Minister of Education, but above all I met a man who has a real love of Education. A man who, since the start of his mandate, has innovated inside the box, this political box that we know so little and so little. I was touched by his presence at this colloquium, which is being held outside its borders. He took an active part in it and got closer to his community, these "crinqués" who are moreover much more numerous than 100! This man who, despite the cough and the probable fatigue of this trip, took the time to listen to everyone who presented themselves to him to share their passions, their concerns or their opinions.

You have already read it, I was extremely nervous about having him for an interview, then as soon as he arrived at the mobile studio, I felt completely at ease with him. He is sensitive, open, inspiring and really attentive. He is so little concerned with etiquette, but more with the relationship he has with the person in front of him. What I take away from him is that he is driven by the conviction that it is time to revolutionize the world of education. And this revolution is not based on a single man, on a budget or on a system that we evoke while forgetting that it is made up of each of us. This education “system” is made up of our children, teachers, caregivers, daycare managers, support staff, directors, parents and all the residents of a neighborhood that surrounds a school.

The mystery of Clair, I think I have pierced it

The mystery of Clair, I believe I have pierced it: it is the spirit and the soul of his school, which inspires the world to make children grow up in kindness, for the sake of their well-being. Because that's what will make our world an innovative world! A world where each child will have been able to cultivate and grow the flame that inhabits them. And it is this flame that will allow children to be creative, daring, innovative and engaged in their world. For that, it is enough to become the leader who lives in us.

I deeply love the field of education and all those who take part in it from near or far! I believe in the leadership of each of them. I believe it's time to take inspiration from what makes us unique. I believe it is time to ask ourselves how each of us can contribute to this revolution! The most important revolution has to happen inside of us and not through the material world around us.

It is not a simple thing, you will say to me, and I will remind you thus: let yourself be inspired by asking yourself how you want to contribute to it. You can then let the flame in you light those of the children who fill your days! When you feel short of breath come on, get back to basics. Ask yourself what is really important to you and give it more and more space in your day!

The day after Clair, I was completely touched by what I experienced at the CAHM! I am immensely grateful for the commitment and leadership, both educational and human, that I have witnessed. For me, this is the mystery of Clair! It is a model of community gathered around what matters most to it: the development of its children!

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Stéphanie Dionne
Stephanie Dionne
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