Happy Teachers' Week!

Teachers' Week runs from February 6 to 12 under the theme “Fully Engaged”. It is an opportunity to salute the remarkable commitment of teachers to the success of their students. The École branchée team has brought together various messages received from its partners in order to flood you with positive words.

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Teachers' Week takes place from February 6 to 12 under the theme “Fully Committed”. It is an opportunity to salute the remarkable commitment of teachers to the success of their students. The École branchée team has brought together various messages received from its partners in order to flood you with positive words.

A message from École branchée

In this week of teachers, we stop to salute those who work every day to create a space where our young people feel listened to, welcomed and encouraged, whether in the presence... or at a distance!

Establishing a climate conducive to learning and overall development requires the extraordinary bond that develops between the teacher and the student, as well as the trust that is established between the place of learning and families. It's something that weaves and maintains itself all year round, and which has to be started again at each start of the school year.

This is why it is essential to contribute to maintaining the flame that animates all those who have the passion to see the young people entrusted to them flourish, who have the power to mark their lives forever and influence their future, and therefore that of our entire society!

Teachers, thank you! You are real #RockStarEdu for us! ?❤️ 

A message from the Networked School

During this week of teachers, École en Réseau wants to promote those who collaborate in a network and who, through this action, highlight the potential of their students. Consult the section dedicated to these fabulous people on our website by clicking here and come back regularly to be inspired by their practices. Together, we would like to thank the partners involved in promoting the daily work of teachers and highlight their passion and their constantly renewed involvement in doing so.

#WeekTeachers #entierementengaged #active pedagogy #teaching effect #teachers

A message from the Federation of Parents' Committees of Quebec (FCPQ)

In honor of Teachers' Week, the FCPQ once again highlights the remarkable work and commitment of teachers to students and to our society.

“You educate and accompany daily, in their successes and their challenges, what parents have most precious: our children. More than ever, communication is important between home and school to support students. Thank you to all the teaching staff, sincerely! says Kévin Roy, president of the FCPQ.

The FCPQ invites parents to thank and maintain communication with their children's teachers. Together, let's promote the teaching profession!

A message from CTREQ

The CTREQ would like to emphasize the essential role of the latter in education and their commitment to educational success. The theme “Fully Engaged” resonates strongly with us as many teachers get involved in our projects and activities. Without them, it would be impossible for us to actualize our mission. Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences with us and above all, for giving us your time to carry out useful projects adapted to the reality of the environment.

To consult an overview of some projects in which the participation of teachers is a guarantee of success

An Edteq Association event

As part of Teachers' Week, Edteq Association presents an inspiring Midi. On February 11 from noon to 1 p.m., live on Zoom, you will be able to hear Maxime Pelchat, digital strategist at Cadre 21, and Pierre-Olivier Garand, doctoral student in education and lecturer at UQTR. They will discuss the challenges inherent in digital skills training for teachers, the way forward to overcome individual and structural barriers, and the future of digital skills training for teachers.

No need to book, just follow the link

A message from the Edteq Association

Dear Teachers,

You play a crucial first role in the future of our society. We want to tell you that you have our gratitude, our respect and our support.

Not so long ago, we were also students. Accompanied by inspiring teachers who believed in us and made us want to invest in education, we became engineers, educators, professionals, entrepreneurs... We are passionate about education, innovation and technology and we always want to change the world.

The pandemic has reminded us how crucial your role is in the smooth running of our societies. Technology will never replace teachers. Whether learning takes place remotely or in class, students will always need your humanity to support and inspire them. As developers and creators of digital solutions in education, it is necessary for us to understand your needs and walk alongside you. Your energy, your optimism and your dedication to ensuring a fair and equitable education carry our ideas and our mission.

Our organizations work every day to find solutions to several challenges in education and we are more than ever motivated to accompany and support you. Above all, we believe that you deserve working conditions that respect your profession and resources that meet your needs and those of your students.

In fact, relying on the experience of distance schooling during the pandemic to summarize the contribution of educational technologies in the classroom seemed to us a very clumsy shortcut (La Presse, January 17, 2022). This reminds us of the importance of qualifying these polarizing discourses surrounding digital education. Although many teachers are already aware of the “why” of digital skills development, more attention should now be paid to ways to develop them individually and on a large scale.

Have a nice week to all teachers

A message from Marie-Claude Harnois of EtudeSecours

I remember having received a bookmark in my loft to thank me for my work… I taught for a few years in secondary school, in French, before changing my path. Yes, I am part of this gang (sic) of legally qualified people who left the teaching profession several years ago. I'm part of the stats! You will understand that this slight recognition did not hook me to the job! It dates back to 2008.

Never mind, I still work in the field of education with passionate teachers. I couldn't leave all their energy behind. I love the world of education, the profession of teacher and all its challenges. Six years ago, I decided to make my way as an entrepreneur in edtech. The teacher's apple didn't fall far from the tree.

So I can't pass over Teachers' Week in silence. What to teach? It would take a huge bookmark to contain all the recognition and wonder I have for my teachers and all the teachers in Quebec.

To teach is to generously welcome the learner in his life journey, no matter how far he has come before meeting us. It is to accompany him to discover the World so that he can analyze it and travel there with an open and critical mind. It means being an expert in content, class management, diversified pedagogical approaches, digital or not, the training program and progression, health instructions, communication, human relations, learning assessment … Phew!

It is also weeping from fatigue, sometimes feeling overwhelmed, alone and discouraged. It is also to roll up our sleeves and cling to our small and large humans that we accompany
daily. We cling to their smile, but above all to this confidence, sometimes kept secret, that they grant us. It also means helping colleagues to improve their practice and discover new approaches.

It's about bouncing back and showing patience, creativity, empathy, resilience and great listening. It is a delicately human and rewarding profession. It's the profession of a lifetime, you can take the teacher out of school, but you can't take education out of the teacher. It's in our guts, as they say!

So, I send my congratulations to these curious human-teacher-experts who hold the lighthouse. You carry at arm's length the well-being and education of our children and the future of Quebec (yes!). For those who have decided to leave this big ship in these troubled times, as I understand you.

Take care of you. We know that you are still teachers at heart. Our paths will definitely cross again one day, no matter what. Good week to you too! You deserve it.

A note from Croquarium

The entire Croquarium team wishes to express its appreciation to those who lay the foundations of our society. We see you and we appreciate you!

Look the Croquarium video.

A message from the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education

As part of the Teachers' Week, the Minister of Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, as well as the Minister of Higher Education, Danielle McCann, reiterate the value of the commitment and the quality of the work of the teaching staff to the thousands of students in Quebec. They also invite the public to join them in thanking them for their involvement and paying tribute to them, particularly in this another unusual year of teaching.

The 28e Teachers' Week will be held until February 12, 2022, on the theme Fully committed. It recognizes the exceptional dedication of all the members of the teaching staff who work for educational success throughout Quebec, while contributing to the development of our society.

For the occasion, students, parents, stakeholders in the education and higher education network, public figures, media representatives and the entire population are invited to highlight the work of teachers and teachers by showcasing their good deeds. By small or large gestures, let us thank them for being fully committed!


“Teachers' Week is one more opportunity to highlight loud and clear the commitment of teaching professionals and their contribution to Quebec society. They play a daily and essential role in the educational success of young people, while being role models. As minister, teacher and father, I sincerely want to thank them for being fully committed towards their students. I also invite Quebecers to do the same so that they feel our support and continue to transmit the desire to learn and persevere. »

Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education

“During this Teachers' Week, I would like to highlight the professionalism and involvement of all members of the teaching staff in Quebec, particularly in the current context. Thank you for all the work you do every day. You are a key factor in the educational success of the students who will build the Quebec of tomorrow! I also invite the public to join me in showcasing your skills and expertise and warmly thanking you for your contribution to the higher education network. »

Danielle McCann, Minister of Higher Education


  • Created in 1994, Teachers' Week is held every year at the beginning of February.
  • The Week aims to pay tribute to teachers in Quebec.

A word from the Federation of Teachers' Unions (FSE-CSQ)

The FSE-CSQ would like to warmly thank all of Quebec's teaching staff for their remarkable work with students in schools and centers, despite working conditions that are particularly difficult in times of a pandemic and staff shortages.

The Ministry of Education chose the theme “Fully Committed” to rightly highlight the professionalism of teachers. The FSE-CSQ believes, however, that this is a great opportunity to ensure that teachers are valued and find solutions, as well as to review the scope of their task, which was already problematic before the pandemic and which has become heavier and more complex. since.  

“Thank you to the teachers for still and always carrying the school at arm's length in these difficult times. Every day, they demonstrate their commitment to their students in schools and centers. After having gone into overdrive and too often risking their health due to the pandemic, it is time for teachers to receive the recognition they deserve and to be talked about in the workplace, particularly with regard to their autonomy and their expertise," recalled Josée Scalabrini, President of the FSE-CSQ.

A message from the Federation of School Service Centers of Quebec

The Federation of School Service Centers of Quebec and the school service centers unite their voices to pay tribute and salute the remarkable work of the thousands of teachers who mobilize with great ingenuity, day after day, to ensure the well-being and success education of more than one million students. On the subject fully committed, the Teachers' Week takes place from February 6 to 12.

“Teachers have one of the most demanding professions. Their work is essential, since they train our citizens of tomorrow. They are the basis of building our society. Having been a teacher myself, I know that they invest themselves daily to develop the full potential of their students through educational practices that enrich their school career, that give them the desire to learn, to persevere and to surpass themselves, while being attentive to their particularities. Remotely or in person, teachers are committed to their students and their parents. Whether in primary, secondary, vocational training or adult education, their work is admirable! I take advantage of this privileged moment to say a huge THANK YOU to them and express my gratitude for their dedication and the determination they show throughout the year to ensure the well-being and success of their students.” highlighted Ms. Caroline Dupré, President and CEO of the FCSSQ.

A message from the Federation of Cegep Teachers (FEC-CSQ)

The FEC-CSQ welcomes with interest the announcement by the Minister of Higher Education, Danielle McCann, regarding the creation of an Observatory on Success in Higher Education. Made on the occasion of Teachers' Week, this announcement is part of the deployment of the action plan on success in higher education announced at the start of the 2021 school year.

The establishment of the Observatory will fill a void by providing access to relevant information to the entire college and university community, data on success in higher education being either missing or difficult to find. The diversification of the student population effectively requires a better understanding of the educational paths of young people. 

All week, follow #SemaineEnseignants on social media for more posts.

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