The school library: a learning center at the service of success

Can the library as a learning center be a winning factor in educational success? School librarians believe it!

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The world is changing, and so are school libraries. This is the leitmotif that seems to have guided the authors of a document entitled The 21st century school library: a 4-axis model.

The document proposes “A dynamic model of the school library and its use [which is developing] in 4 axes [and which] encourages us to rethink the uses, the actors and the place. The four axes are: pedagogy, culture, digital technology and collaboration, which are presented as complementary and interdependent on each other.

The Association for the Promotion of School Documentary Services (APSDS) believes that once redesigned in this way, the school library will be able to better contribute to "training students so that they become citizens actively participating in the development of society. ".

A thesis for educational success

Moreover, it is largely based on this document that the association prepared the brief that it presented to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as part of the public consultations on educational success. We can read in this memoir that:

“… The traditional, widely used school library model is no longer adequate to meet the learning needs of students. (…) The world is changing and the integration of digital technologies and the omnipresence of information must also influence new practices in the school library to expand its uses and integrate it into the process of meaningful learning for students. "

According to the APSDS, the school library of 21e century is no longer in the era of "every man for himself" and silence. “It is a place of exchange and mobility: the use of tablets, e-readers and laptops encourages movement in space as well as interactivity and collaborative learning. We must deconstruct certain conceptions to initiate new forms of learning in line with what digital reality induces in our current societies. "

It is possible to consult the full thesis here.

Can the library be a center of learning and be a winning factor in the educational success of students? School librarians believe it! Some schools have already started to implement this innovative vision of the school library, such as the Cardinal-Léger school, of the Pointe-de-l'Île school board, which this video allows to discover:



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