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Alimentarium revisits its digital educational platform

The Alimentarium academy is intended for teachers, children and adults to educate them about healthy eating and nutritional habits.

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Alimentarium recently launched its new website, theAlimentarium academy, intended for teachers, children and now adults in order to raise awareness of healthy eating and nutritional habits.

Redesigned in depth in terms of its ergonomics and its content, this site offers free turnkey educational tools centered around five main themes: "Food and the 5 senses", "Food and nutrients", " Food processing ”,“ The digestive system ”and now“ The ecology and economics of food ”.

Dozens of videos, activities and games as well as hundreds of quizzes are accessible and presented differently depending on the recipient. Indeed, teachers will find in particular a large bank of educational materials easy to integrate into the classroom while the children and adults will have access to different lessons with specific objectives. At school and at home, learners can thus deepen their knowledge of food and nutrition in an educational, fun and interactive way.

Divided into five stages, this learning process first leads users to read theoretical content that they can then put into practice through a multitude of activities and games accessible online or available on mobile applications (downloadable from the App Store or Play Store). Educational videos produced by experts can also be viewed in order to acquire the knowledge to answer quizzes. Finally, learners have the opportunity to self-correct at the end of their achievements.

Moreover, they can save lessons, record their progress and access original content in creating their online profile.


For 30 years, Alimentarium develops its expertise in order to be a cultural, historical, social and scientific reference with regard to food and nutrition. By developing educational resources related to public health or ecological challenges, it aims to educate young people who must more than ever make informed decisions on fundamental issues related to their diet.

Note that the education hub also offers information about theAlimentarium academy.

About the Author

Felipe Antaya
Felipe Antaya
Pursuing studies in educational technology, Felipe Antaya has worked for several years in the field of education at the secondary and college level. Holder of a master's degree in Quebec studies and a bachelor's degree in philosophy, he has also worked in the field of written media.

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