TBI, mouse, graphics tablet and camera… at the presco!

The RÉCIT leaders in preschool education led the workshop “Ideas for activities to use drawing software in the classroom” at the last congress of the Association for Preschool Education of Quebec. Infobourg reports it to you.

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The RÉCIT leaders in preschool education led the workshop “Ideas for activities to use drawing software in the classroom” at the last congress of the Association for Preschool Education of Quebec. Infobourg reports it to you.

The twenty participants took their places, on stools, in a room designed for science education. " We adapt! Lynda O'Connell jokes as she begins her presentation. This is a finding that reflects the appropriation of technological tools in the classroom.

After presenting the twenty LES available throughout the school year through the site recitpresco.qc.ca, the facilitators make a sad observation. "We often send more obsolete computer equipment to kindergarten classes," they deplore. Yet, judging by the achievements displayed on the site, children are capable of surprising creations using tools as simple as a microphone and a camera.

Technologies have their place in preschool, ”they believe. “We have even known teachers who have justified the improvement of their computer equipment by presenting a situation such as My healthy snack to their school administration! ".

Each year, many teachers carry out the original learning situations designed by the facilitators. Discovering dinosaurs, for example, allows students to discover this fascinating world in addition to providing teachers with a user-friendly platform to display children's work. “We have come full circle,” explains Pascale –Dominique Chaurez. Thus, the teachers who send their class work benefit from a web showcase, because the people in charge of the RÉCIT in preschool education take care of depositing the creations. As a bonus, for several situations, a memory game is created using the children's drawings, making it a very simple TBI activity, but one that is popular with the little ones.

The situation Tribute to a local painter, meanwhile, allows you to familiarize yourself with the style of Séguin-Poirier or Tanobe. Whether it is by exploring the students' achievements for this project or those of other situations, the teachers present cannot suppress their admiration and their "wow!" Enthusiastic. "The colored background gives" punch ", confide the facilitators. “Nothing to do with a white background! ". This time, a puzzle can be made with the paintings submitted by the students, which will certainly delight them.

Ladies O'Connell and Chaurez then reassured the participants about the use of the IWB in the classroom. “Don't look too far! What you already do with your computer, you can do on your IWB! ".

The participants were finally invited to swap their pen for a mouse and a graphics tablet for a few sketches. After a few exclamations during this period of appropriation of the stylus and the graphic tablet, the facilitators reassured the participants. “Don't put pressure on yourself,” they say. “The teachers who attend our training courses want to succeed perfectly the first time! We will not post anything on the Internet today! "

According to the attention the participants paid to their creative process, they really enjoyed their workshop. When they congratulated the animators for the great resources they offer in an environment where there is so little for their clientele, Ms. O'Connell responded with a smile, “Okay with you! ".

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