A new association between TECHNOCompétences and Mon Avenir Ti to raise awareness among more young people about careers in technology

TECHNOCompétences is partnering with Mon Avenir Ti to organize high school tech tours in the Capitale-Nationale region.

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TECHNOCompétences, as part of the MaCarrièreTECHNO campaign, is joining forces with Mon Avenir Ti to organize High school techno visits in the Capitale-Nationale region.

For the 7e consecutive year, these free visits will be carried out on a voluntary basis by IT professionals in secondary level 3 to 5 classes. By sharing their academic and professional paths with young people, the lecturers help to demystify and promote careers in technology. information and communications (ICT).

Visits to the Capital-Nationale region are organized jointly with Mon Avenir Ti and will be held between October 23 and December 15, 2017. In total, more than 600 young people from Quebec will have the opportunity to welcome in classifies them as an industry professional.

The High school techno visits of TECHNOCompétences will also be offered until April 2018 in the large regions of Montreal as well as in the cities of Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Shawinigan, Saguenay, Rivière-du-Loup and Rimouski.

Since its inception, the activity High school techno visits made it possible to reach more than 21,300 young people from different regions of Quebec, thanks to 350 speakers.

An overview of the activity

Classroom visits help educate young people about career opportunities in IT and meet someone who may inspire them in their future choices. It is an interactive activity that includes the presentation of the professional's job, his daily tasks and functions, his field and his course of study.

The objectives of the meeting as stated by the organization:

  1. Increase awareness among young people and their parents about career opportunities in IT.
  2. Develop more positive attitudes towards IT as a career choice by debunking preconceptions that young people may hold.
  3. In particular, make efforts to increase awareness among young girls and those who influence them in order to improve their perception of ICTs and encourage their presence in this type of profession.
  4. Make young people aware of the needs and opportunities specific to their region regarding training and careers in ICT

TECHNOCompétences wishes both to open young people to new career horizons and to engage companies more in the next generation. It is with this in mind that the organization is doing everything it can to provide a rewarding experience for high school students.

For the preparation of classes, the organization provides many tools, including a Activity presentation guide and one Teacher's Guide as well as additional content on the website MyCareerTECHNO.com.

To register your class, complete the form online. The organization will contact you afterwards to plan the activity.


If you have already received a visit from a technology professional through the TECHNOCompétences initiative, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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