Letters to Anthony: Where do hens lay their eggs?

You've already asked me where the hens lay their eggs ... That's a good question to ask yourself! And here are some answers!

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Mr. Guy Bergeron, one of the pioneers of L'École branchée, now retired, corresponds regularly by email with his grand-nephew Anthony, who has mild autism. He tells her stories and invites her to all kinds of discoveries by making connections with the world around him. 

You will have the pleasure of reading him regularly in this column, and you may even want to draw inspiration from his texts with your own students (whether they are autistic or not!). Anthony is in first year (6-7 years old).


Hello Anthony!

You've already asked me where the hens lay their eggs.
You must have told yourself that if the hens sleep on a perch, then where do they lay their eggs?
It was a good question to ask.
My friend Miguel's hens lay eggs for consumption (to be eaten) or to have little chicks.
The hens have a place to lay the eggs that we eat.
You see, here Miguel made a rack with places for each hen to lay her eggs.

(c) Guy Bergeron
(c) Guy Bergeron


Here is another photo of this place. There are several cages.

(c) Guy Bergeron
(c) Guy Bergeron

You see the hen currently in action in one of the boxes.
Here it is more closely ...

(c) Guy Bergeron
(c) Guy Bergeron

Miguel put some straw there so that she could place her eggs.
Here is the result…

(c) Guy Bergeron
(c) Guy Bergeron

There are 4 eggs ready to be harvested and eaten!
Now, what do hens do who want to keep and hatch their eggs in order to have little chicks?
These hens are cunning. They will hide either in tall grass away from the house or in the neighbor's garage.
Here is a hen hatching her eggs. I didn't want to disturb her to take the picture. She is well hidden in the garage, just behind a box, to protect itself from intruders.

(c) Guy Bergeron
(c) Guy Bergeron

Usually, she incubates 6-8 eggs in order to have 6 or 8 chicks.
We know very well that this hen incubates eggs, because she does not move in order to give the impression that she is not there.
Usually, the hens incubate their eggs for 21 days. I don't know how long it has been there ...
We will watch. Soon she will come out of the garage with her little chicks. She will take care of them for several weeks in order to protect them and show them where to go to eat.
At this point, I will take a picture of this hen with her little ones and send it to you.
Have a good day!

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Guy Bergeron
Guy is one of the pioneers of École branchée. He was notably one of the creators of the SCOOP educational guides! in 2004. Now retired, he worked as an educational advisor in ICT integration at the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs.

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